Canadian pharmacies sell Xalatan medication at a cheap price to treat problems of open eye disorders called glaucoma causing high pressure inside the eye. The drug works by enhancing a regular flow of the fluids within the eye to result in a lower pressure to give protection against eye diseases such as ocular hypertension. Xalatan acts in a similar way to a chemical in the body called prostaglandin that works in the eye to prevent attacks that cause blindness.

The Xalatan medication is a cheap-to-buy medication however it is very effective. It is available in the local pharmacies in Canada. Patients, however, prefer buying Xalatan from the online drug stores because it is even much cheaper. Placing an order online is easy, cheap and convenient as it can be done at any time of the day. Online pharmacies offer free shipment of Xalatan ordered to any part of the world with a guaranteed overnight delivery to places around Canada.

Direction and dosage of Xalatan medication

The Canadian medication is applied on the affected eye in the evening once in a day as per the instruction by the doctor.

Avoid contaminating the dropper by touch or any other surface. The user should wash their hands first before applying the eye drops.

Wear off contact lens if having any to avoid absorption of Xalatan by the device. The patient can wear back the lens 15 minutes after the application of the Xalatan medication.

Apply the Xalatan medication by tilting the head back and raising the face upward then lowering the drops directly into the affected eye according to directions by the pharmacist. The patient should gently close the eyes and look down slowly then place a finger on the eye to apply a gentle pressure without rubbing or blinking to prevent draining out of the medication.

Do not overdose or skip applying the drug to keep a normal concentration in the eye for a quick recovery.


Pharmacies in Canada offer Xalatan medication with ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride that are allergic to a wide population.

Seek your doctor’s recommendation in case you have swellings in your eyes caused by uveitis or iritis. History of other eye problems like lens extraction, use of contact lens, muscular edema or iritis must be communicated to the doctor or pharmacist.

Do not drive or operate machinery in case of the expected blurred vision.

Xalatan from pharmacies in Canada is not for use during pregnancy unless discussed with a doctor.

Side effects

Users of the cheap to buy Canadian Xalatan medication may experience swelling, eyelid crusting, redness pain, and discomfort.

In rare occurrences, the patient may develop coughs, difficulty breathing, noisy breathing, shortness of breath, swelling of eyes wheezing and tightness in the chest. Please let your doctor know any experienced side effects apart from the list to avoid serious harm.

Order online to buy Xalatan at cheap price from the Canadian pharmacies. Remember to ensure buying the medication from authorized drug store to avoid buying counterfeits. The Xalatan user needs to consult their doctors in the event they are using another medicine. Use the medicine only as instructed.

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