Venlor is a medication used in the treatment of major depression and its symptoms. Some of these symptoms include loss of interest, difficulty thinking/concentrating, change in appetite, anxiety, disturbed sleep, recurrent thoughts of suicide and feelings of worthlessness/guilt. When these symptoms are treated, the quality of daily life is greatly improved.

This medication is classified as a Serotonin-Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitor. It works by correcting an imbalance in the brain that is caused by lack of neurotransmitters.

How to use Venlor

Before taking this medication, ensure you read and understand the Patient Information leaflet that is provided with the medication. If you fail to understand anything you read, contact your doctor or pharmacist for clarification.

When taking this medication, ensure you stick to the prescribed dose. An increase or decrease of the dose without prior instructions from the doctor could have serious consequences. Take the medication till the expiry of the prescribed period. Also, do not take this medication after the prescription period has expired.

This medication is taken orally through the mouth. Venlor should be taken with a full glass of water. The medication should be swallowed whole. This medication is available in 3 doses: 37.5 mg, 75 mg, and 150 mg. The duration of treatment is dependent on the dose prescribed.

The dosage prescribed is based on response to treatment, the medical condition and other medications you may be using. If the symptoms fail to improve or get worse, seek medical assistance.


Do not take Venlor if there is a chance of an allergic reaction to it. Also, if you have had allergic reactions to medications in the past, discuss it with your doctor. Inactive ingredients contained in this product may bring about an allergic reaction. Consult your pharmacist for more information.

Before taking this medication, discuss your medical history with your doctor especially of liver disease, heart disease, depression and blood disorders. Before undergoing any surgical procedures, ensure your doctor is fully aware that you are taking this medication.

For pregnant women, Venlor should only be taken if there is a clear need. Talk to your doctor to understand the benefits and risks. For breastfeeding mothers, Venlor passes into breast milk. To understand the benefits and risks, talk to your doctor before breastfeeding.

Side effects

Various side effects may be experienced when taking this medication. The common ones are nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, sleeplessness, decreased or loss of appetite, increased sweating, sexual problems, hypertension, vasodilation, and drowsiness. If these effects occur persistently, consult your doctor. This medication only safe for use if its benefits are more than the risk of side effects.

Serious side effects are quite rare when taking this medication. If you experience serious side effects, seek immediate medical assistance.

Where to buy Venlor

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