Tricor (Fenofibrate)

Strength(s): 140 mg ; 160 mg

Active Ingredient: Fenofibrate


Tricor is a drug used to help in the reduction of cholesterol and fatty acids known as triglycerides in the blood. The presence of these fatty acids in high levels may be associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis (clogged arteries). It’s active ingredient is fenofibrate with a dosage of 48mg to about 270mg depending on a specific individuals needs. Fenofibrates belong to a group of drugs known as fibrates. It works by actively increasing enzymes that help in the breaking down of fats in the blood. It is also advised that the drug works well when one ensures they are eating a proper diet and incorporate a few lifestyle changes such as: losing weight if one is overweight, quit smoking, exercise and drink less alcohol. Tricor can now be ordered online affordably and delivered straight to your doorstep with free shipping included in some sites.


Tricor should be taken exactly as prescribed by your physician. All directions included on the label should be followed and should not be taken longer than recommended or shorter than prescribed. As per directions, Tricor can be taken with or without food.

Safety information

Tricor should not be taken by an individual who is allergic to fenofibrates. It is also important to consult your physician and inform them of any other drug you are using including herbal and over the counter medications, before you start using Tricor.

It is not known whether Tricor can harm an unborn baby but it is advisable to let the doctor know if you are expectant. Fenofibrate is known to pass into breast milk therefore it is not recommended for nursing mothers.

Possible side effects

The most common side effects include: bloating, indigestion, joint pain, stuffy nose and skin rashes.

The serious side effects include: dark urine, severe stomach ache, persistent nausea or vomiting and yellowing eyes or/and skin. If any of the serious side effects occurs it is important to immediately consult a doctor.

Tricor and its generic versions has been made available in online pharmacies and can even be bought without a prescription.

  • On the Canada drug website, Tricor is available from 48mg to 267mg with generic versions also available thus the prices differs with the several product types.
  • The Medication Online Pharmacy provides generic Tricor that are sold from 30-180 pills with two variations of 160mg and 200mg at a low price with free worldwide distribution.
  • The Holy Angels’ ISC site offers low prices, guaranteed worldwide distribution and 24/7/365 customer support.
  • At, one can order the normal and the generic version of the Tricor medication from 48mg to 160mg. The 90 pills generic 48mg goes for $48.99 while the non-generic version with the same number of pills goes for $59.99.

These are but a few online sites where one can buy Tricor cheaply and easily. The sites have provided a way for these drugs to be available to anyone affordably, providing an alternative; the generic version of the drugs.

It is important to note that information provided is not specific to any particular patient and that a physician should be consulted prior to the purchase of this medication.

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