Tofranil (Imipramine)

Strength(s): 25 mg ; 50 mg ; 75 mg

Active Ingredient: Imipramine



Commonly referred to as Imipramine, Tofranil is a top-performing antidepressant that works to treat symptoms associated with depression and bedwetting, a disorder that affects children with less than six years. Tofranil is a cheap tricyclic antidepressant that fits into a class of drugs known as dibenzazepines.

According to health experts, Tofranil is highly recommended in the treatment of enuresis, a disorder that leads bed-wetting. Tofranil drug is also used to treat panic disorder. Are you a patient with panic disorder and enuresis? The Canadian mall has come to your rescue after establishing the sale of Tofranil pills in the Canadian online pharmacy at considerate and cheap prices.

Mostly, depression disorder is associated with anxiety and depression. To control enuresis and treat panic disorder, patients should use the right dosage of Tofranil medication as instructed by the doctor.

Tofranil medication indications and interactions

Tofranil pills render sustainable results when used according to the doctor’s recommendations and the manufacturer’s users guide. According to doctors, Tofranil should not be administered to patients with antidepressant allergies. Also, patients who recently suffered a heart attack should not use Tofranil medication.

Tofranil medication tends to have adverse interactions with some of the MAO inhibitors. Patients administered with phenelzine and linezolid medication should not use Tofranil pills without consulting a doctor. For safety purposes, clients taking Tofranil medication should be well attended as some thinks of committing suicide after taking the medication for the first time. Expectant ladies should consult a medical practitioner before taking this medicine.

Tofranil Dosage Guide

Tofranil is a top-performing antidepressant that works to treat panic disorder and depression when used according to the prescription label. Tofranil medication should be used for an extended period or purposes not prescribed by a doctor.

Tofranil pills should be taken with a glass of water and proper exercise. Tofranil pills should not be broken, chewed, or cracked before being taken by a patient. Consult your doctor if the symptoms do not improve after taking Tofranil Tablets. Tofranil Tablets should be stored in a fresh and dry place to avoid tapering the dose. This medication should also be kept away from heat, moisture, children, and pets.

Ordering Tofranil online

Tofranil drug is now available in the Canadian health store at cheap and affordable prices. To order Tofranil online, visit the Canadian mall and buy a package of your choice and preference. Patients taking Tofranil pills should not drink alcohol.

Tofranil medication side effects

When misused or abused, Tofranil drug leads to hallucinations, blurred vision, and convulsions. The less common side effects of Tofranil medication include jaundice, breast swelling, and impotence.

Prices of Tofranil online

Currently, the Canadian online pharmacy is selling a box of Tofranil drug with 30 pills and 25 mg dosage strength at $8.19. A box of Tofranil drug with 30 tablets and 50 mg dosage strength is trading at $12.40.


Tofranil is one of the best-selling antidepressants that work to treat depression, bed-wetting, and panic disorder. This medication is now available in the online pharmacies at low prices. Buy a package of Tofranil drug online and get amazing coupons and free delivery.

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