Slip Inn



Slip Inn is a medication used in the treatment of sleep disorders. The most common sleep disorder treated by this medication is insomnia (inability to sleep). This medication is in many cases used together with lemon balm, hops and other herbs that cause drowsiness.

This medication is also used in treating other conditions such as nervous asthma, headaches, stomach upset, hysterical states, fear of illness (hypochondria) and excitability, all caused by anxiety and psychological stress. In some cases, this medication is used to treat epilepsy, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and mild tremors.

This medication works as a sedative on both the nervous system and the brain.

How to use Slip Inn

Follow all the instructions of your prescribing doctor when taking this medication. Read the instructions on the package provided by your pharmacist before taking this medication. Seek the assistance of your doctor or pharmacist in case of any queries.

Do not increase or decrease the dose unless your doctor approves of it. Take this medication until the end of the prescribed period. Failure to do so could lead to the worsening of your condition. Take only the prescribed dose and do not overdose. Also, do not take this medication beyond the prescribed schedule.

This medication is administered orally as per the directions of the doctor. The recommended dose is 400-900 mg taken over a period of 28 days. The drug should be taken half an hour to 2 hours before bedtime.

The dosage prescribed is based on response to treatment and the medical condition. For the best results, use this medication regularly. It may take up to 4 weeks before the effects of this medication become apparent. It is therefore imperative to take this medication regularly.

This medication is mainly used by people who are moving away from sleeping pills. If your condition fails to improve, consult your doctor.


Do not take Slip Inn if you are allergic to it. Also, before getting your prescription, discuss with your doctor about other allergic reactions you may have experienced. There may be inactive ingredients present in this drug that may cause an allergic reaction. For more details, consult your pharmacist.

Before taking this medication, discuss your medical history with your doctor. Before undergoing any surgical procedures, be sure to provide your doctor with a list of this and other medications you are using.

In the case of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, there is no sufficient information on the safety of this medication during these periods. It is therefore a good idea to avoid using this medication.

Side effects

Some of the documented side effects of this medication include uneasiness, excitability and headache. If you experience any other side effects while taking this medication, be sure to seek immediate medical assistance. Serious side effects are quite rare and should be taken seriously. Seek emergency medical attention when you experience serious side effects. In the case of a serious allergic reaction, stop taking the medication and seek medical attention.

Where to buy Slip Inn

Slip Inn is now available for purchase in any online pharmacy. This medication is quite cheap when bought online as opposed to a physical drugstore. Also, you can have your medication delivered to the destination of your choosing if you order Slip Inn online. Visit an online pharmacy and buy your cheap Slip Inn today.

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