Slimex (Sibutramine)

Strength(s): 10 mg ; 15 mg

Active Ingredient: Sibutramine



Slimex is a medication used in weight loss treatment. This medication is referred to by many as a ‘fat burner.’ This drug prevents some of the fat consumed from being absorbed by the body. This helps in weight loss and helps prevent regaining of lost weight.

This medication should only be used by adults and together with a reduced-calorie diet. When you order Slimex online, ensure you do so only from a licensed online pharmacy. This will reduce the chances of buying fake Slimex.

How to use Slimex

Follow all the instructions of your prescribing doctor when taking this medication. Read the instructions on the package provided by your pharmacist before taking this medication. Seek the assistance of your doctor or pharmacist in case of any queries.

Do not increase or decrease the dose unless your doctor approves of it. Take this medication until the end of the prescribed period. Failure to do so could lead to the worsening of your condition. Take only the prescribed dose and do not overdose. Also, do not take this medication beyond the prescribed schedule.

This medication is administered orally, usually 3 times a day, as per the directions of the doctor. This drug is taken with the main meals. This medication should be taken as part of a program that includes weight control, diet, and exercise.

The dosage prescribed is based on response to treatment and the medical condition. For maximum benefits, use Slimex regularly. Also, take this medication at the same times each day. This will help you remember to take the medication. If your condition fails to improve, consult your doctor.


Do not take Slimex if you are allergic to it. Also, before getting your prescription, discuss with your doctor about other allergic reactions you may have experienced. There may be inactive ingredients present in this drug that may cause an allergic reaction. For more details, consult your pharmacist.

Before taking this medication, discuss your medical history with your doctor especially of liver disease, an eating disorder, underactive thyroid, type 1/2 diabetes, an eating disorder, gallstones or pancreatitis and other weight loss medications.

This medication should not be used by anyone below the age of 18 years. For children between 12 and 18 years, this medication should only be used when prescribed by a doctor.

Before undergoing any surgical procedures, be sure to provide your doctor with a list of this and other medications you are using.

In the case of pregnant women, this medication should not be used at all. For a better understanding of the risks, consult your doctor. This medication passes into breast milk and may harm the baby. Consult your doctor to understand the risks and benefits before breastfeeding.

Side effects

Among the common side effects that may arise when taking this medication are nausea, rectal pain, stomach pain, gas and oily discharge, increased bowel movements, oily/fatty stools, loose stools. If any of these effects occur persistently, seek medical assistance. This medication is determined safe for use by the doctor if the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects.

Among the serious side effects that may be experienced when taking this medication are difficulty urinating, blood in the urine, liver problems, kidney problems, severe pain in the lower back. If any of these effects occur, seek immediate medical assistance.

Where to buy Slimex

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