Singulair (Montelukast)

Strength(s): 4 mg ; 5 mg ; 10 mg

Active Ingredient: Montelukast



Pharmacies in Canada sell Singulair medication at cheap prices to prevent asthma attacks for patients older than 12 months of age. It is a leukotriene inhibitor (inhibits the release of a chemical in the body that acts against allergens such as pollen grains. Reaction to breathed in allergens may cause tightening of muscles around airways or swell in the lungs induce symptoms of asthma. The Canadian Singulair can prevent bronchospasm caused by exercises for patients with ages older than six years. Sometimes it is administrated to treat symptoms of perennial or seasoned allergies.

Buy the Singulair medication from the various pharmacies in Canada at cheap prices and use with a minimal prescription. Singulair is available in the local pharmacies in Canada at cheap prices. However, many patients prefer to buy from the online pharmacies available in Canada because the price is much cheaper. Buying from the online drug stores is easier and very comfortable as orders are possible at any time of the day. Besides placing a successful order for a purchase of the Singulair medication can win you a free shipment or a free overnight delivery depending on your location on the globe.

Dosage in using Singulair medication

The dosage of Singulair medication from Canadian pharmacies depends on age, body weight and type of disease on treatment.

Take the tablets through the mouth with or without food. Some tablets are however chewable before swallowing. Please follow the doctor’s recommendation before use.

Take asthma and allergy medication in the evening or for treatment or in the morning or evening for prevention purpose. Time of administrations should be regular for useful results. To prevent problems due to exercises take Singulair drug two hours before the exercise. Singular medication should not exceed one dose in a day to avoid serious side effects.

Precautions to observe when using Singulair

The Canadian Singulair drug is associated with allergic reactions resulting into swelling of lips, face, tongue or the throat or hives and breathing problems. Be sure both the active and the inactive ingredients are safe for you.

Avoid the drug if you have a history of liver disease unless the doctors authorize to use. It is not safe to use Singulair medication especially the chewable tablets if suffering from phenylketonuria that require the limiting of aspartame in your diet.

Do not take the second Canadian Singulair medication if pregnant unless your doctor gives the go-ahead. Effects on breastfeeding are not known. Breastfeeding women should consult their [pharmacists.

Please use Singular medication as instructed by a medical professional.

Side effects

There are some unwanted reactions associated with the use of Singulair medication. Apart from the allergic reactions, the user may experience common side effects including stomach pain or diarrhea, fever or flu symptoms, headache, loss of bladder or bedwetting, sore throat or sinus pain. In rare occurrences, the patient may experience skin rash, muscle weakness, numbness, ear pain or swelling, unusual change of mood, severe skin reactions or bruising. Call for assistance from your doctor immediately.

Place your order today on one of the many online pharmacies in Canada to buy the Singular medication at a cheap price. Make sure to buy from legit pharmacies to avoid counterfeit by conducting research on the regulated stores before purchase.

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