Serevent (Salmeterol)

Active Ingredient: Salmeterol



Also known as Salmeterol, Serevent is used in the treatment and prevention of difficulties in breathing and wheezing due to asthma or chronic problems in the lungs. Patients order and buy Serevent at cheap prices from pharmacies in Canada. The Serevent medication is used only on symptoms related to asthma such as bronchospasm. The airways muscles get relaxed opening up to increase comfortable breathing. Children and teenagers should use Serevent drugs in combination with fluticasone products or as the doctor indicates.

Buy Serevent medication sold at cheap prices in Canadian pharmacies by placing your order on one of the many online pharmacies available online in Canada. Buying from the online pharmacies is much convenient as it is possible at any time of the day and anywhere provided you have the internet. However, patients and other users still have the option to buy from the local pharmacies available in Canada. Serevent orders online are way cheaper than buying over the counter in local Canadian pharmacies.

Dosage in using Serevent medication

The Serevent drugs are not for acute asthma symptoms. Use salbutamol, fenoterol or terbutaline medication for quick rescue as they are short-acting drugs. The recommended dose, however, a blister of 50 micrograms administrated is twice every day. The precise dosage depends on many factors including the particular body weight of the patient, other medication the patient uses or other determining medical conditions. Your pharmacist should tell you the correct medication.

Serevent drugs from Canadian pharmacies must be taken at regular intervals. The medications must not be stopped without notice from the doctor even when symptoms improve.

Discourage taking a double dose of the cheap sold Canadian Serevent to recover missed dose.

Precautions in using Serevent Inhaler

Be cautioned of the allergic reactions associated with using Serevent medication before making an order to buy it from pharmacies in Canada.

Tell your doctor if suffering liver diseases, heart problems, seizures, and thyroid disorders.

Canadian Serevent may cause undesired effects on the heart rhythms that may cause death or induce other health disorders.

Make sure your doctor knows you are under Serevent medication before surgery to minimize serious health problems.

The cheap to buy Canadian Serevent medication can pass into breast milk and therefore its use in breastfeeding mothers must be the last option in the unavailability of subtitles. Pregnant women should consult their doctors before using Serevent from Canada.

Side effects expected when using Serevent

Serevent medication is associated with some unwanted conditions. The active and the inactive content of the Serevent drugs may cause allergic reactions causing problems in breathing, swelling lips, tongue, or a sore throat. It may also cause sore chest, tremors, shake or restlessness. Patients may experience numbness, skin rash, pain in muscles, severe tingling, wheezing, choking or worsening of asthma symptoms. Call you doctor immediately in case of the occurrences.

Common side effects, however, include throat irritation or dry mouth, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea, sweating, headache or dizziness.

The Serevent drug is cheap to buy medication from pharmacies in Canada. Log into one of the many Canadian pharmacies online and drop your order for and overnight delivery. Use Serevent with the assistance from a medical doctor.

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