Rumalaya Forte



Rumalaya Forte is a herbal remedy for arthritis and joint pains. It combines the healing power of herbal ingredients such as Guggul and Boswellia both readily found in the Himalayas. Doctors use it to promote the integrity of joints, joint muscles and connective tissue in Arthritis patients.

Rumalaya Forte was discovered through ancient healing practice in India known as Ayurvedic medicine. It makes use of natural healing benefits of minerals, plants, and animals.

How Rumalaya Medication Works

It reduces the pain, inflammation and swelling and stiffness caused by crystals that formed in the joints. As a result, patients with Arthritis become more flexible and experience more joint mobility. They can then discharge their daily chores with much more ease.

Where to buy Rumalaya Medication

You can buy Rumalaya Forte tablets or gel from a pharmacy near you. This medication is cheap and accessible especially in pharmacies that stock herbal medicine.

For the best customer service and guaranteed availability of this drug, order Rumalaya Forte online through online drug stores especially those that stock herbal remedies. An online drug store is just a click away. Patients can consult pharmacists and doctors around the clock, make an order and have it delivered to their location within hours.


Rumalaya Forte comes in 60-pack tablets and capsules or a herbal extract. Doctor’s recommend 1-2 tablets twice a day depending on your symptoms.

Rumalaya Forte may be used in combination with Rumalaya tablets and gel to achieve the best results.


Pregnant, lactating women cannot take this medication

Consult extensively with your doctor or pharmacist before taking this drug

Always read the instructions in the manual before using this herbal remedy

Side Effects

Being a topical medication, Rumalaya Forte is not known to bring any side effects. However, should your symptoms persist after prolonged use, see your health care provider immediately for specialized treatment.

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