Pyridium (Phenazopyridine)

Strength(s): 200 mg

Active Ingredient: Phenazopyridine



Pyridium is a drug that is used to treat or rather relieve pain that could be affecting the lower part of your urinary tract (urethra & bladder). To be more specific, Pyridium eases pain, any burning sensation, increased urde to pee and frequent urination. All these are symptoms that suggest the urinary tract could be infected probably because of catheter, surgery, injury or anoother condition. It does not treat the infection but relieves the symptoms that arise as a result of the infection.

Important information about Pyridium medication

As it had been revealed, Pyridium acts as a reliever and does not actually cure the infection of the urinary tract. Use the prescribed antibiotic for this. Anybody with an allergy to phenazopyredine should not take Pyridium medication. In addition to this, take the drug after a meal go avoid a stomach upset. You will notice that your urine changes color to red or orange when taking Pyridium but don’t be alarmed unless you bare vomiting, your skin looks yellowish or if you develop a fever. It may also lead to staining of your contact lenses (if you wear them) so you may have to do without them for some few days.

Precautions when using Pyridium medication

In addition to some of the information shared above, you should not take the medicine if:

  • you have liver disease, diabetes, or have s G6PD condition. Your doctor or pharmacist will advise you accordingly.
  • it is not clear whether taking Pyridium medication has an effect on pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mums so consult your doctor on this matter.

How should you take Pyridium medication?

Take Pyridium medication strictly as you have been instructed – do not go over the top or take an under dose just because you feel worse or better. Unless your doctor tells you to, avoid taking this drug for more than 2 consecutive days. What happens if you miss a dose? Well, take it immediately it comes to mind unless it is almost time for your next take in which case you go on as prescribed. Don’t take up an extra dose so that you make up for the missed dose. In case you accidentally overdose, seek immediate medical care.

Pyridium side effects

Some of the common side effects of taking Pyridium medication are:

  • fever, feeling confused, feeling weak and the skin may look pale
  • jaundice (skin looks yellow and in some cases even the eyes
  • urinate less frequent than usual or even no urination at all
  • loss of breath, mood swings and loss of appetite
  • other more common and less serious symptoms include headaches, dizziness, itching of the skin and stomach pain/ stomach upsets.

Seek medical attention if these symptoms persist. Sometimes it could be that the drug is reacting to other medications you are taking. Keep out of reach of children.

Order Pyridium medication online

You can buy Pyridium medication online for a cheap price. Visit an online pharmacy and go through the checkout process. Don’t let that infection get you down.

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