Strength(s): 120 mg



Orlistat medication is a drug used b obese persons to lose weight. Orlistat works by interfering with fat uptake in the GIT. It hinders certain chemicals that aid in fat absorption in the GIT, therefore, reducing the amount of triglycerides reaching the systemic circulation. This drug is meant to be used by adults only. For it to work correctly, it must be accompanied by a reduced calorie diet. This way, it reduces the chance of one regaining the weight they had lost earlier.

How to take Orlistat

One should take these drugs as advised by the doctor. The drugs should be taken three times a day alongside the meals. This medication works best with a low-calorie diet. The sugars should not amount to 30% of the total caloric content of the food.

Orlistat drugs are cheap and available for anyone to buy in almost any local pharmacy. Although persons can order Orlistat online, users should adhere to a strict prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. Following a doctor’s advice according to not only guarantees the user better and faster chances of the drug working but also reduces the chance of suffering from adverse side effects. Remember a doctor always weighs the gain over the risk before prescribing any medication.

Orlistat has been known to reduce or hinder ultimately the uptake of fat soluble vitamins. Minerals that are dependent on lipid medium and other essential dietary fat-soluble chemicals are also affected adversely. Consequently, the user must find mans to take these chemicals to prevent the body from the consequences associated with their lack. For instance, the doctor recommends taking Orlistat medication together with multivitamin supplements and the B-complex vitamin supplements.

Individuals who order Orlistat online should ensure that the drugs are from a credible source. It is dangerous to purchase Orlistat from unknown vendors because it elevates the risk of a user getting fake drugs. Furthermore, Orlistat medications purchased from unknown sources may contain harmful active ingredients that may be clinically injurious to health.

Precautions to take when using Orlistat

Pregnant women should not take Orlistat. Even in the case of obesity, it can be harmful to a pregnant r lactating woman. Losing weight during pregnancy is not good for health. Remember during such physiologically stressing times; the body is usually gathering as much weight as possible in readiness for the fetus or breastfeeding the child.

Before initiating any Orlistat dosage, it is important to let the doctor know of previous or existing gallstones, faulty thyroid gland, pancreas problems, and any diabetes or eating disorder. Individuals suffering from liver complications or those taking weight control pills should also let the doctor beware in the event of the prescription. Orlistat has the potential to cause dangerous drug interaction that can have fatal consequences.

Persons with gallbladder problems or chronic malabsorption syndrome should not use these medications. Orlistat has the capability to trigger chronic malabsorption leading to massive under-nutrition despite adequate food intake.

This drug is for adults. Persons below the age of 18 years should not use Orlistat. This medication has the capability to cause eating disorder which is a dangerous condition for children.

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