Nootropil (Piracetam)

Strength(s): 800 mg ; 1200 mg

Active Ingredient: Piracetam



Nootropil is a medication that is used in the treatment of conditions such as asthenia and myoclonus. This medication has the potential to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, according to scientists and researchers. It also has the potential to be used to treat dementia in elderly patients.

In Europe, this medication is mainly prescribed to students who are looking to boost their brainpower. This drug is a cyclic derivative of GABA. However, Nootropil does not seem to modulate the levels of GABA circulating within the brain.

How to use Nootropil

Before taking this medication, read the instructions on the package and the Patient Information Leaflet provided by your pharmacist. If any questions arise, consult your doctor or pharmacist. This medication should only be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Do not increase or decrease the dose without being instructed to do so by your doctor. Do not take more medication than prescribed or for a longer period than prescribed. Ensure you complete your prescription schedule.

A lot of research and clinical trials have been put into this medication. This medication is known to increase the activity of a potent neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine. This works to improve memory and learning processes. Nootropil causes an increase in membrane fluidity of neurons. This helps with improved communication between both hemispheres of the brain.

The recommended dose of this medication is 2,000-4,800 mg divided into 2 or 3 doses a day. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually.

If your condition fails to improve, consult your doctor.


Do not take Nootropil if you are allergic to it. Discuss with your doctor any other allergies you may have before getting your prescription. Inactive ingredients present in this drug may lead to an allergic reaction. For more details, consult your pharmacist.

Before any surgeries, be sure to inform your doctor of the use of this and other medications you are using. Avoid alcohol while taking this medication.

During pregnancy, consult your doctor to understand the risks and benefits of this medication. Before breastfeeding, consult your doctor to understand the risks and benefits.

This medication may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Refrain from carrying out activities that require alertness if you fell you cannot confidently carry them out.

Side effects

Common side effects experienced when taking this medication include headache, trouble sleeping, gastrointestinal issues and anxiety, hallucinations, restlessness, nervousness, sleepiness, skin rash, weight gain, stomach pain. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if these effects persist or worsen. This medication has been prescribed by the doctor since it has been determined the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects.

Where to buy Nootropil

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