Strength(s): 50 mg ; 100 mg



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What is Nitrofurantoin medication used to treat?

Nitrofurantoin medication is used in the treatment or prevention of various types of urinary tract infections.

What is Nitrofurantoin?

This medication is considered to be an antibiotic that functions in causing the cessation of bacteria growth.

What will this medication not work for?

Note that this medication will not help regarding viral infections such as the flu or common cold.

Can anything cause a decreased effectiveness of Nitrofurantoin medication?

If this medication is used unnecessarily or if it is overused, then this can cause it to have a decreased effectiveness in the future, which is true of many antibiotics.

Note this special precaution.

Please be advised that this medication should never be used to treat any child that is under one month of age because of the serious and dangerous risk of the child getting hemolytic anemia, which is a certain type of blood disorder.

How is the patient to use this medication?

The patient is to consume this medication orally along with some food or milk under the directions of the patient’s physician. Typically this medication is taken by the patient four times per day in order to be able to treat an existing infection. In other cases, the patient will take the medication once daily at bedtime for the prevention of infections. The medication is to be swallowed whole.

What should the patient not take when using this medication?

The patient should not take any antacids that contain magnesium trisilicate when the patient has been instructed by the doctor to take the prescribed Nitrofurantoin medication. The reason that the patient is strongly advise to avoid consuming these types of antacids is due to the fact that these types of antacids unfortunately strongly bind with Nitrofurantoin, which thus results in the failure of the full absorption of the Nitrofurantoin medication, making it weakened and not able to treat the patient as well as intended.

What is the dosage and duration based on?

The dosage and duration is based on the personal medical condition of the patient and how the patient responds to this type of treatment. Regarding children, note that the dosage is also directly related to the body weight of the child.

Why is this medication to be taken at evenly spaced intervals?

When you take this medication at evenly spaced intervals, the medication is thus at a constant, optimum level in your body, which enables it to work most efficiently to treat your condition.

Does the patient need to finish all the medication?

When you have been prescribed this medication by your doctor to treat or prevent a urinary tract infection, it is highly advised that you do not miss any doses and that you do not cease to take the medication without the approval of your doctor. You should take the medication until all of it is finished, even it if happens that your symptoms seem to be gone after only a few days of taking this Nitrofurantoin medication.

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