Nasonex Nasal Spray

Active Ingredient: Mometasone, Furoate, Monohydrate



Nasonex nasal spray is used in the treatment of common nasal allegies like a running nose, sneezing, an itchy nose and even nasal polyps (growths in the nose). The nasal spray is a corticosteroid which works by reducing the body’s natural inflammatory mechanism that’s activated by allergens that make inroad to your nasal system. The allergens could be pet’s fur, pollen or dust. In additon to this, nasonex nasal spray can be used for treatment of sinusitis (sinus inflammation) though this is only prescribed if it’s used alongside an antibiotic (assuming that the inflammation is as a result of a bacterial infection in the first place).

How to use nasonex nasal spray

Once you have ordered nasonex nasal spray online keep in mind to read the manufacturer’s printed leaflet. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor questions if you have any. Use the nasal spray as instructed in the leaflet. Here is what you need to know:

  • stick to the recommended dosage which is once per day for adults wanting to do away with a running nose (rhinitis) and for nasal polyps, once or twice per day should do.
  • do not use the nasal spray in your mouth or eyes
  • make a point of gently blowing your nose prior to using the spray
  • shake the spray bottle well before use and prime it in the correct position
  • to use the nasal spray, carefully remove the protective cover, press one of your nostrils until it is closed then tilt your head back and spray into the nasal passage. Repeat for the other nostril. Keep in mind to inhale via the nose and exhale through the mouth. Do not blow your nose for at least 15-minutes after using the nasal spray.

Precautions when using nasonex nasal spray

Before ordering nasonex nasal spray online, keep in mind that there are some medications that react adversely with the spray. Do not use the spray if:

  • you’re trying for a baby or if you’re pregnant or nursing a new born.
  • you’re using a herbal, dietary or prescription/non-prescription supplement
  • you are allergic to irritants
  • you are suffering from inactive or active TB or have tested positive to the TB skin test
  • you have a herpes infection (somewhere around the eye), diarrhea, any viral infection (like chicken pox or measles) or if you recently received a vaccination.

Side effects of using nasonex nasal spray

The use of nasonex nasal spray comes with some side effects. For instance, you may experience nose and/ or throat dryness, bloodstained mucus and nose bleeding. Headaches, sore throat, sinus pain, vomiting, allergic reactions like chest tightness, rashes, itching, swelling, redness as well as low blood pressure are also side effects of using nasonex nasal spray. These are very serious and require immediate medical attention.

You can order nasonex nasal spray online by simply visiting an online pharmacy, selecting the spray, adding to shopping cart and checking out. Keep mind to keep it out of reach of children.

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