Motilium (Domperidone)

Strength(s): 10 mg

Active Ingredient: Domperidone



Motilium is used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, migraine, or general anesthetics. It also treats gastroparesis (discomfort due to a slow moving stomach). If you are unable to finish your meals, feel too full or bloated, have lost appetite, feel sick or may be vomiting or belching, Motilium medication will provide relief. It is a prokinetic and antiemetic medicine that increases movement of food in the digestive system.

How Motilium medication works

Domperidone (a dopamine antagonist) is the active ingredient in Motilium. Domperidone works in two ways:

1. It blocks dopamine receptors found in the digestive system. This action results in the tightening of the muscles at the stomach’s entry, relaxation of muscles located at the stomach’s exit and increased contraction of muscles in the stomach. These actions physically prevent vomiting, bloating, fullness and the feeling of sickness as they speed up the passage of food through the stomach. The actions also prevent food from going up into the food pipe.

2. It also blocks dopamine receptors in the chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ) area of the brain that when activated, initiates the vomiting process. Nausea messages, therefore, cannot be sent to the nausea center and the result is a reduction in the sensation of nausea and possibility of vomiting.

How to buy and use Motilium medication

  • Just as with many types of medications these days, you can order Motilium online at cheap prices
  • Take one tablet of Motilium with water about 15 to 30 minutes before meals and just before sleeping. One to three tablets should be taken per day for a maximum of one week if treating nausea and vomiting. For other conditions, don’t use Motilium medication for more than 4 weeks.
  • Leave out a forgotten dose and take the next dose as scheduled
  • Take the correct dose as prescribed and don’t overdose. Taking more that the recommended dose only increases the risk of side effects.
  • After taking a dose, keep the tablets in the pack and store in a dry place with temperatures below 30 degrees C.
  • Keep all medicine out of the reach of children and pets

Taking Motilium with other drugs

Before buying Motilium, inform your doctor or pharmacist about the other medicines that you might be using so that s/he can determine whether or not the combination with Motilium is safe.


Children, people aged 60 years and above and those with decreased kidney function should take Motilium medication with caution. Motilium tablets should not be used by children weighing less than 35 kg. Motilium suspension should be prescribed to such children.


People with the following health conditions SHOULD NOT use Motilium

  • Heart diseases such as slow/irregular heart beat or heart failure
  • Substantial disturbances in the level of electrolytes in the blood
  • Cancer of the pituitary gland due to the overproduction of prolactin
  • Bleeding in the stomach, perforation, or blockage in the digestive system
  • Decreased liver function
  • People with galactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, or the Lapp lactase deficiency

Motilium medication side effects

Many of the side effects of Motilium medication are not very serious and reverse when one stops using the medication. However, since different people react differently to different medications, look out for the following side effects:

  • Headache, dizziness, tiredness, nervousness, or trouble falling asleep
  • Thirst or dry mouth
  • Regurgitation, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn
  • Itchy skin and rashes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Cold sores or mouth ulcers

Other mild effects of Motilium use that need medical attention include:

  • Excessive trembling, muscle stiffness or uncontrollable movement of the face, arms and legs
  • Irregular or missed period
  • Unusual secretion of breast milk
  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Breast enlargement in men

If the following side effects occur, seek medical care immediately:

  • Irregular or faster heart beat
  • Swelling of hands and legs
  • More frequent and/or painful urination

Stomach disturbances can hinder you from living a normal and productive life. If you’ve already talked to your doctor, order Motilium online at a cheap price from an online pharmacy that you trust and end the discomforts caused by a malfunctioning digestive system.

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