Strength(s): 50 mg



Canadian Pharmacies sell Minocycline medication at cheap prices for patients struggling with bacterial infections. Minocycline drugs fall in the class of medicinal known as tetracycline antibiotics that fight disease-causing bacteria in human bodies. Diseases treated range a broad scope including related skin infections, infection of the urinary tract, bacteria attack on the gallbladder, respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It can treat severe acne, tick fever, gonorrhea, Chlamydia among many other diseases.

Visit local pharmacies in Canada and buy Minocycline medication at cheap prices over the counter. It is a prescribed drug in Canada, and patients buy it freely from the drug stores. Many patients and other buyers, however, prefer buying at much cheaper prices from the online operating Canadian pharmacies. Online buying is cheaper due to tax advantage over physical pharmacies which attracts more buyers besides the attractive offers presented.

Dosage of Minocycline

Place an order for the cheap priced Minocycline medication from a pharmacy in Canada and use as directed by your physician. The general dosage, however, is taken with a glass of water an hour before meal or two hours after taking food. Do not chew or crush the tablets.

The dose may depend on factors including the weight of the patient given specifically according to the type of infection treated. Be sure to use the correct dose for your disease as different conditions require a different dosage of the medicine.

Remember to finish the treatment even after the improvement of symptoms. Take missed dose immediately recognized or at the immediate next scheduled time but not a double dose.

Precautions on Minocycline medication

Take care to avoid allergic reactions associated with Minocycline active or the inactive ingredients. You may not take the drug if allergic to any of its generics. Minocycline may cause adverse problems if the patient suffers other problems such as kidney disorders, liver problems or lupus.

Do not take the drug if pregnant because it affects the fetus. Minocycline passes into breast milk as well to cause unwanted effects on the baby. Talk to your doctor for another medication as an alternative.

Side effects expected in using Minocycline medication

The active or the inactive substances in the Minocycline medicine may cause allergic conditions showing through swelling of the face, tongue or the throat, hives or sometimes breathing problems.

Common side effects, however, include the occurrence of red rashes on the skin, itching, sleepiness, hair loss, tiredness and loss of balance. In severe effects, however, the patient may experience inflammation of the lining around the heart, may acquire cancer of the thyroid, inflammation around the vagina in women and liver disorders and inflammation that can cause yellowing of the skin, nails and eyes. The patient may experience low levels of platelet, blood cells and life-threatening skin problems such as Stevens-John Syndrome. Call for doctor’s help immediately in case of any side effects.

Minocycline is a very effective medication, however, dangerous when misused. Cheap prices may lure patients to buy counterfeit of the drug. Make a research to know the legit Canadian pharmacies and place your order online for the purchase. Minocycline must follow the directions of the medical practitioner.

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