Active Ingredient: Sibutramine
Brand Names: Medaria, Obestat, Reductil, Sibutramina, Sibutraminum



At this moment in time, people from all around the world deal with obesity. Although many of them have tried out diets, exercise and various treatments, the problems seems to persist. This is why stronger drugs such as Meridia have been created.

To put things better into perspective, although the medicine was discontinued in the United States, back in October 2010, Meridia represents a strong drug that affects chemicals in the brain which play a role in weight maintenance. Usually, the medicine is used alongside with a strict diet and exercise in order to treat various types of obesity, especially the one related to other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Prior to taking Meridia, there are a couple of essential facts worth keeping in mind, to avoid putting your health at risk. Firstly, it is important to discuss things over with your doctor, and do a thorough check-up prior to taking the medicine, to ensure that it’s safe to administer. With this in mind, do NOT use Meridia in case you have taken a MAO inhibitor in the last two weeks, such as Marplan, or Furoxone. Together with this, it’s also important to avoid taking the drug in case you have high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, glaucoma, seizure, bleeding disorders, gallstones, and if your age is above 65 or below 16. If you fit any of the conditions above, your physicians should be the one to prescribe you an exact dosage, to make sure that you’re safe at all times.

How should you take Meridia?

As Meridia can be considered a powerful medicine, due to the effects that it has on brain chemicals, it’s important to only take the drug as prescribed by your doctor. With this in mind, do not take it in larger or smaller amounts, and for longer than it has been recommended. In case you do happen to miss a dosage, simply take the next one, without supplementing with another pill. Do keep in mind the fact that the drug should not be taken for more than two years, and that during the treatment, blood pressure should be checked regularly.

How quickly does the drug makes its effects felt?

If things go ahead according to plan, then most patients should lose roughly 4 pounds during the first 4 weeks of taking the drug, and eating a diet which is low in calories. Exercising also helps, and can ensure that you lose even more weight.

What are Meridia’s side effects?

Just like many other weight loss drugs, Meridia also has a couple of side-effects. You should seek emergency medical help in case you experience allergic reactions to the medicine such as hives, difficulty when breathing, the swelling of your tongue, throat, lips and face. It’s also important to call your doctor in case you experience fast or uneven heartbeats, shortness of breath, fever, tremors, rigid muscles, sudden weakness and more.

Meridia can be shopped for online, from authorized online pharmacies.

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