Strength(s): 25 mg



Canada sells Meclizine drug at cheap prices in its pharmacies to treat or prevent vomiting, nausea, and dizziness that come as a result of motion sickness. Meclizine is an antihistamine medication that works by suppressing down the effects of histamine chemical in the body. Patients in Canada buy the drug sometimes to treat the symptoms associated with vertigo such as dizziness or spinning sensation which are signs of problems affecting the inner ear.

Place your order to buy the Meclizine medication from the many Canadian pharmacies available online. Buying online is cheaper due to tax advantages of the online pharmacies compared to the traditional drug stores. Patients, however, can still buy the drug at relatively cheap cost over the counter in many of the local pharmacies in Canada. Online orders are more convenient to buy at any time of the day from the comfort of your couch at home or work provided there is a connection to the internet.

Dosage in using Meclizine medication

The dosage of the Meclizine depends on the particular disease on treatment and the patient’s individual health conditions. A doctor should give directions on the best dose to take.

Meclizine, however, is a tablet form medicine administrated through the mouth with or without food chewed thoroughly before swallowing. Take medicine one hour before traveling when preventing motion sickness. Follow a regular interval of time in taking medicine to keep its level at constant.

Do not take more than required or two doses to recover a missed dose. The dose missed should come immediately discovered or at the next nearest scheduled dose if it is near.

Precautions in using the Meclizine medication

Buy Meclizine from Canadian pharmacies at cheap prices and use if you are sure to be resistant to its allergic reactions or hostile reactions as a result of the contained chemicals in it. Talk to your doctor for assurance of any effects.

People with a medical history of breast problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, high pressure in the eye, overactive thyroids, stomach or intestinal problems, enlargement of prostrates, liver or kidney disorders must muse the medicine only after consulting their pharmacists or medical doctors.

In Canada the drug causes drowsy therefore users avoid operating machinery or driving and activities that require a lot of alertness.

Let your doctor know you use Meclizine before undergoing surgery or dental extraction and avoid alcohol. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should keep off the medication unless it is the last option according to their doctor.

Side effects

Side effects involved in the use of Meclizine are allergic reactions including difficulty in breathing, hives, and swelling of lips, tongue or the throat or face.

Commonly experienced side effects are a headache, vomiting, feeling tired, dry mouth and drowsiness. Call your medical attendant in case of occurrence of any side effects.

Online pharmacies sell the Meclizine medicine for patients to buy and offered free delivery. However, buyers must make sure the stores they buy are legit and do not sell counterfeits. Buyers would do thorough research to establish regulated pharmacies and not lured by cheap prices. Make sure to use the Meclizine correctly.

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