Maxalt (Rizatriptan)

Strength(s): 10 mg

Active Ingredient: Rizatriptan



Maxalt is a top-performing medication that works to treat migraine headaches. In the drug department, Maxalt medication is commonly known as Rizatriptan. Maxalt tablets also work to reduce substances that can trigger nausea, migraine symptoms, and sensitivity to light. This medicine works to stop headaches but not to prevent problems that have not begun.

Maxalt medication should only be used according to doctor’s recommendation. For more than five years, Maxalt pills have been selling freely in the online pharmacies, a major factor that has been contributing to the success of this drug. Maxalt tablets are approved and verified by FDA to trade at an international level.

Patients with Migraine a headache should not worry anymore. Maxalt medication has become to their rescue after introducing Maxalt pills in the online pharmacies. Visit the legitimate Canadian site and order more than one package of Maxalt drug to enjoy free coupons and $5 discount.

According to health experts, Maxalt tablets should not be used to treat the common tension headache. When abused, Maxalt medication can lead to less common side effects. Visit your doctor if a migraine headache persists after taking Maxalt medication.

Tips to consider before taking Maxalt tablets

Maxalt medication should not be taken by clients with ischemic bowel disease, heart attack, and chest pains. Consult your doctor for medication history to make sure you are fit to take Maxalt tablets.

Clients with more than four headaches in one month should also consider consulting a physician. Maxalt medication should also be stored away from moisture and heat. As compared to other drugs, Maxalt tablets are used as needed. Call your medical practitioner if your symptoms persist after taking a dose of Maxalt pills.

Maxalt dosage guides

Maxalt medication should only be taken according to the prescription user’s guide and doctor’s recommendation. A client with a migraine headache should take Maxalt tablet with a full glass of water three times a day.

Maxalt tablets should not be chewed or cracked before being taken. Breaking these pills puts a patient at a risk of encountering adverse side effects. Take a tablet of Maxalt medicine after headache attack begins.

According to doctor’s guide, Maxalt pills works better when left to dissolve in the mouth without chewing them.

Maxalt medication side effects and drug interactions

Maxalt pills result in adverse side effects when abused. The common side effects of Maxalt medicine include a mild headache, mild nausea, redness, drowsiness, and dizziness. Patients using Maxalt medication should avoid using Celexa, Propranolol, Paxil, and Cymbalta.

Prices of Maxalt medication online

Currently, a box of Maxalt medication with 10 mg dosage strength and 12 tablets is trading at $15.96 whereas a box with 30 pills and 5 mg dosage strength is trading at $47.76.


Maxalt is a top-ranked medication in the medication department that works to treat cases of migraine headaches. Maxalt medication works to treat headaches by narrowing the blood vessels around the human brain. This medication should be used regarding doctor’s guide. Buy a box of Maxalt medication online and get free coupons and discounts.

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