Levlen (Levonorgestrel, Ethinyl)

Strength(s): 0.15 mg

Active Ingredient: Levonorgestrel, Ethinyl



Levlen is a combination hormone that is used in the prevention of pregnancy. It is made up of two hormones: an estrogen and a progestin. This medication works by preventing ovulation (release of an egg) during the menstrual cycle. Apart from preventing pregnancy, this medication may decrease blood loss and painful periods, make periods more regular, treat acne and reduce the risk of ovarian cysts.

How to use Levlen

Before taking this medication, make sure you read the Patient Information Booklet that comes with the medication. If any questions arise, consult your doctor or pharmacist. This medication should only be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dose without being instructed to do so by your doctor. Do not take more medication than prescribed or for a longer period than prescribed.

This medication is taken orally, usually once a day every day, with or without food, as directed by the prescribing doctor. For easy remembrance, this medication should be taken at the same times every day.

Continue taking this medication as prescribed by your doctor. Also, follow the instructions on the package. Start with the first tablet in the pack and continue taking the rest in the recommended order. Do not miss a dose. A missed dose could lead to pregnancy.

Diarrhea and vomiting can prevent this medication from working effectively. If you experience these, use a back-up birth control method such as condoms. Also, if you have nausea or stomach upset, taking this medication at bedtime may help.

Do not switch from other hormonal birth control methods to Levlen without first consulting your doctor.


Do not take Levlen if you are allergic to it. Discuss with your doctor any other allergies you may have before getting your prescription. Inactive ingredients present in this drug may lead to an allergic reaction. For more details, consult your pharmacist.

Before taking this medication, discuss with your doctor your medical history especially of blood clotting disorders, cancer, abnormal breast exam, blood clots, depression, gall bladder problems, high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, heart problems, severe headaches, thyroid problems, stroke, unexplained vaginal bleeding.

During pregnancy, this medication should not be used. Levlen passes into breast milk and may prove harmful to nursing infants. It also reduces milk production. Consult your doctor to understand the risks and benefits.

Side effects

Common side effects experienced when taking this medication include vomiting, nausea, swollen ankles/feet, tenderness of the breasts, weight change. If these effects persist or worsen, consult your doctor or pharmacist. This medication has been prescribed by the doctor since it has been determined the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects.

Serious side effects of this medication include vision problems, confusion, unusual headaches, shortness of breath, sudden dizziness, slurred speech, chest pain. If you experience these effects, seek immediate medical assistance.

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