Levitra Soft


If you take a woman to dinner and then one thing does not lead to another because of erectile dysfunction or impotency, worry not, because you can now buy Levitra Soft 20mg online in discretion. However, if this is your first time to hear about this drug, you will no doubt be wondering what it is. Levitra Soft 20mg is the generic version of the brand Levitra. However, where the brand is expensive, this one is cheap and works just as effectively. Used by men, this drug works by enhancing blood flow to the genital area to allow an improved and long-lasting erection for sexual intercourse.

When you order Levitra Soft 20mg from online pharmacy, it will come in the form of soft tabs, which have been proven to work more effectively than the hard tablets. It is sold in packages of a certain number of pills starting from 20, 30, 60, 90 and 120 to cater to people with different budgets. If you buy from Canadian pharmacy, you will get them in packaging of 30, 60, 90 or more pills.

Features of Levitra Soft 20Mg

  • Levitra Soft 20mg is a generic version of the brand Levitra drug that was produced to help men with erectile dysfunction problems
  • It is soft and thus it acts faster than the hard tablets
  • The main ingredient is PDE-5 inhibitor Vardenafil which is used for treating even the most serious of impotency and erectile dysfunction cases
  • As its name suggests, it comes in soft tablets that can be chewed, a big plus for men who cannot swallow hard tablets
  • These soft tablets are available in orange color
  • It is taken orally by placing it under the tongue until it melts
  • It works best if it is used an hour before sexual intercourse
  • Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical trials

How to use Levitra Soft 20mg

  • Only men should use this cheap generic Levitra, not for women and children
  • You should not use grape juice or alcohol before taking the drug
  • Levitra tablets should be used 40 minutes prior to your sexual intercourse
  • Take one Levitra soft tablet and place it gently under your tongue and hold it there to melt it
  • Only use Levitra according to the directions of your doctor and not more than once per day
  • Should you miss a dose and you still have to engage in sexual intercourse, take it as soon as you can and then later on continue using it as per the doctor’s directions

For whom is it best?

Levitra Soft 20mg is targeted at men who are at least 18 years of age. It can also be used by people suffering from diabetes type 2, hormonal imbalance, heart problems, obesity, renal disorders and metabolic conditions


With the main ingredient being Vardenafil, the same as is used in the brand Levitra, the cheap Levitra Soft 20mg is very effective. If your case of impotency is extreme, or has been caused by other underlying conditions like diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and so on, use Levitra Soft 20 mg only with the direction of a doctor. You can buy these soft tablets from Canadian pharmacy online.

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