Kamagra Effervescent (Sildenafil)

Strength(s): 100 mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil


Kamagra Effervescent is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Experts opine that it should only be used for this purpose and by men only. Women and children are medically prohibited from using this drug under any circumstances. It’s classified as a PDE5 inhibitor and has to be prescribed by a doctor or physician.

How Kamagra Effervescent Works

It works by addressing erectile problems from the root. Physicians say one must exhibit sexual desires for this drug to work effectively.

Accelerated blood flow enables penis Erections to the organ. The PDE5 enzyme inhibits this blood flow to the penis resulting in the dysfunction. Kamagra Effervescent medication naturally dilates blood vessels in the penis thus facilitating blood flow and resulting in firm erections.

Where to buy Kamagra Effervescent

You can order Kamagra Effervescent on multiple platforms including local pharmacy outlets and online drug stores. It’s readily available, and users can buy it on cheap and discounted prices. Online pharmacy stores offer Kamagra on unbelievably cheap prices and deliver to the buyer’s location at no extra cost.

In fact, be advised to make your bulk buys of Kamagra Effervescent online to take advantage of discounted priced. Consequently, they have round the clock dedicated customer service lines where buyers can engage physicians and pharmacists for consultation and prescription.

Dosage and Use

Kamagra Effervescent is only manufactured and sold for the sole purpose of solving erectile dysfunction among men. Take the drug approximately an hour before intercourse for the best experience.

Dissolve a tablet of this drug in water before drinking. It’s only taken once a day and when sex is planned or guaranteed. There should be a 24-hour gap between subsequent doses.

Avoid taking fat and oily foods with this drug. It’s best effects are felt on an empty stomach.

Precautions in Handling Kamagra Effervescent

Observe these precautions;

  • Only take the recommended dose of Kamagra Effervescent be it accidentally or intentionally. An overdose results in aggravated side-effects
  • Report prolonged or severe side effects to your doctor or physician immediately
  • Kamagra Effervescent must me kept in its original package away from children and women.
  • Room temperature and moisture is the best storage environment for this drug. Follow storage instructions to the letter as improper storage compromises the drug.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake while taking Kamagra Effervescent
  • Dispose expired and emptied packages correctly
  • Do not share Kamagra Effervescent with other men

Inform your doctor or pharmacist of existing medical conditions and prescription on other drugs such as Itraconazole, Rifampin, Erythromycin, Cisapride and Hypertension drugs.

Do not take this drug if you’re allergic to Sildenafil Citrate

Side Effects of Kamagra Effervescent

Early side effects of the drug manifest as your body start to acclimatize with it. Regular users experience less of these side effects;

  • Nausea
  • Headaches and blurred vision
  • Facial flushing and runny nose
  • Diarrhea and stomach upsets
  • Back pains

Severe side effects may include rashes, hives, swollen throat, face and limbs, seizures, painful erections, breathing difficulty. These are reactions to the drug and should be addressed urgently.

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