Hoodia (Oxypregnane, Steroidal, Glycoside)

Strength(s): 400 mg

Active Ingredient: Oxypregnane, Steroidal, Glycoside



Hoodia medication is derived from a plant found in the Kalahari Desert. This plant is now considered an endangered species due to its overharvest and slow rate of growth. The plant features a strong, unpleasant odor, tan flowers and thorns. Over the past few years, this plant has received a lot of attention for its properties as a natural appetite suppressant.

Hoodia is now available for sale online with a several online pharmacies offering this medication. Before you buy Hoodia, consult your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to take it.

Important information about Hoodia

Hoodia should not be taken without consulting your doctor if you have:

  • Heart problems for which you are taking heart medications.
  • Eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.
  • Diabetes or are taking medication to aid with regulation of blood sugars.
  • A bleeding or clotting disorder or taking medication to help with clotting of blood.

For patients suffering from the above conditions, special monitoring is required if Hoodia is to be used. Alternatively, the medication can be foregone altogether.

This medication has not been approved by the FDA. It has not undergone any safety, effectiveness or purity evaluation. The potential benefits and/or risks of this medication are not yet documented. Also, there are not set standards for the manufacture of these compounds.

There have been reported cases of contaminated herbal/health supplements being sold on the market. To ensure this does not happen, order Hoodia online from a licensed online pharmacy. Not only do you enjoy cheap prices but also get high quality medication. You can also buy this medication in physical drug stores.

There are no clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness or safety of this medication. Also, the amount of Hoodia present in the advertised products cannot be proven.

How Hoodia works

Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant. This property was first observed by a Dutch anthropologist back in 1937 as he studied the primitive San Bushmen. The primitive tribe lived in the Kalahari Desert. He noted that the nomadic bushmen used the stem of the plant to ward off hunger when they undertook long hunting trips.

The active ingredient in this medication is P57, an appetite-suppressing molecule. There have been scarce clinical studies that researched the potency of P57 as a potential anti-obesity drug. In theory, it is believed that P57 has the same effect on the brain as glucose. It causes the brain to think that one has eaten. This works to reduce interest in food. It also works to delay the feeling of hunger.

How Hoodia should be taken

Before taking hoodia, consult a practitioner who is trained in herbal/health supplements. Take this medication following the directions of the doctor, pharmacist or any other healthcare provider. Storage of the medication should be done as indicated on the package.

There are no documented side effects of this medication. If you develop any side effects as you take this medication, inform your doctor promptly. If the effects are serious, seek emergency medical attention and discontinue this medication immediately.

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