Flonase (Fluticasone)

Strength(s): 50 mcg

Active Ingredient: Fluticasone



Flonase is a medicinal drug from the class of corticosteroid used to reduce inflammation in lungs and nasal passage and the skin. Flonase is sometimes sold in its brand name fluticasone in Canada to relieve seasonal and persistent nasal symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy or running nose or itching. It treats allergic eye conditions such as watery or itchy eyes. The cheaply bought Canadian Flonase is taken as a nasal spray as a form or administration or orally in severe conditions and works by blocking the effects caused by substances such as pet dander, dust, and pollen causing allergies.

The Flonase drug is a readily available medicine in Canada. Patients and other buyers buy it at cheap prices in the local pharmacies in Canada over the counter. May people, however, prefer buying the drug at much cheaper prices from the online drug stores available in Canada. Buying from the Canadian pharmacies online is more convenient as order and purchasing process is all around the clock beside the cheap prices. Buyers get free delivery services as well from the online pharmacies.

Dosage of the Flonase Medication

Buy the Flonase nasal spray at cheap prices from the Canadian drug stores online and use as directed on the label or according to your doctor’s instructions. The precise dosage depends on the patient’s health condition or the extent of the infection. The standard dosage is a spray to the each nostril once or twice in a day. Beware of the danger in spraying into your eyes.

You may decrease the dosage as the symptoms subside, however, as per directions from your pharmacist or a medical doctor.

Use the Flonase medicine only for the prescribed purpose. Do not overdose. Any missed dose is taken soonest remembered or at the next scheduled time if it is almost time.

Precautions in using Flonase

The Canadian Flonase medicine may minimize your body’s ability to fight or manage stress of surgery, severe asthma attack, illness or injury. Avoid sick people suffering measles, or chickenpox.

The Flonase medicine can cause weakening of bones a condition called osteoporosis. Make sure your bone density is assessed suitable for the drug before use.

Using the drug for an extended period may develop cataracts or glaucoma to the patient.

A patient who buy the cheap priced Flonase from the online Canadian pharmacies needs to make sure that the reveal to their doctors if using medication associated with Cataracts, Glaucoma, Allergies, recurring infections such as herpes, or any other illness.

Avoid the drug if pregnant, breast feeding or planning to conceive soon unless directed by a medical practitioner.

Flonase is not for use for children under the age of four years as they respond slowly.

Side effects of using Flonase

Flonase may result in some unwanted conditions including a headache, nausea, cough, nosebleed, runny nose and irritation in the nose as the common ones. It may also cause skin rash, swelling, itching, numbness of fingers and redness.

More serious side effects, however, include a sore throat, hives, rashes, muscle weakness, extreme tiredness, irregular menstrual cycles, easy bruising, vision problems or enlarged face. Please call for a doctor’s attention in case of such experiences.

When buying the Flonase drug from the online pharmacies in Canada beware of the counterfeit drugs which may cause harm to your health. Use the medicine as prescribed only for best results. Call your doctor in the occurrence of undesired conditions.

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