Famvir (Famciclovir)

Strength(s): 250 mg ; 500 mg

Active Ingredient: Famciclovir



Ordering Famvir medication online is one of the simple tasks you have ever undertaken in your life. Famvir medication has been in the medication department for more than ten years. Currently, you can access this medication at your house in the most affordable and efficient manner. Commonly known as Famciclovir, Famvir drug is one of the top-ranked guanosine antiviral drugs which are commonly used for the treatment of herpevirus infections.

In the health sector, Famvir medication is used to treat viruses such as herpes zoster and shingles. Recently, Famvir medication was highly recommended as a top medication used to treat herpes simplex and cold sores commonly found around the mouth. According to pharmacists, Famvir medication should only be taken in regard to doctors prescriptions and usage manual.

Clients with herpes simplex and genital herpes can now access cheap Famvir medication in the online pharmacies. Canadian health mall is one of the top-performing online pharmacies that have been in the market for more than ten years. This pharmacy has friendly and caring staff that offers advisory services in the Canadian user friendly online platform on a daily basis.

As a potential client, you do not have to visit the physical pharmacies to have access to quality Famvir medication. Unlike physical drugstores, online pharmacies have diverse packages of Famvir which sells at favorable and considerate prices. A box of Famvir drug is sold depending on the amount of pills available in the package and the dosage strength. Time of package delivery is dependent on the buyer’s locality.

Procedural guide on how to order Famvir medication online

Famvir drug is available in the online pharmacies such as Canadian health store and eBay in the most affordable prices. Buy a package of Famvir online and enjoy a free delivery at your location without incurring additional expenses. The number of online scammers has come to a rise in the online platforms. Before purchasing Famvir medication, check the legitimacy of the website being used to avoid giving out money to hackers.

To buy Famvir medication online, visit the Canadian health mall and search for Famvir drug in the search query and select dosage strength. After selecting the package, pay for the medication using online banking such as MasterCard and Visa. Add the shipping address data to get your medication at your locality.

Famvir drug dosage and side effects

When misused, Famvir medication leads to adverse effects. Famvir medication can be administered by a patient with or without food. This medication is available in the online pharmacies in form of pills and tablets. Famvir should be used orally three times a day.

Abuse of Famvir medication may lead to effects such as loss of appetite, increased thirst, and vomiting.

Prices of Famvir online

A package of Famvir medication with dosage strength and 21 tablets is currently trading at $30.74 whereas a package of Famvir with 14 tablets is trading at $22.41.


Famvir is atop-notch antiviral drug which works to prevent and treat infections such as shingles and herpes from affecting the human body. To order Famvir online, visit the Canadian health store and buy a package of your choice.

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