Eurax (Crotamiton)

Active Ingredient: Crotamiton



Eurax is one of the best-selling medications in the health sector which is commonly used to kill parasites that works to lay eggs on your skin. Commonly known as Crotamiton, Eurax medication works to reduce the itching effect caused by scabies. Eurax medication should not be taken by eyes, mouth, or nose.

For more than ten years, Canadian health store has been selling cheap Eurax medication at a considerate price. Being an anti-parasite medicine, Eurax medication also helps to prevent reinfection of skin diseases. According to health experts, Eurax drug should only be taken according to pharmacists or doctors prescriptions. Eurax medication is available in form of lotion. Before applying the lotion on your skin, it is advisable to shake it well.

Advancements evidenced in the IT industry have been playing a major role towards ensuring that clients have access to quality medication. When making a purchase of Eurax medication online, consider checking on legitimate online pharmacies to avoid buying fake medication. The Canadian health mall is a top-selling online pharmacy that has been selling original Eurax lotion for more than twelve years.

The price of Eurax lotion varies depending on the dosage strength and the quantity of bottles being purchased. Currently, online pharmacies are awarding free coupons and bonuses to clients making a purchase of more than five bottles of Eurax anti-parasite medication online.

Guides on how to order Eurax online

Eurax medication is an anti-parasite lotion that works to treat the itching effect caused by scabies on your body. This medication should only be applied on the skin to avoid adverse effects caused by misusing or abusing the medication. Currently, Canadian health outlet and eBay are selling Eurax medication at a cheap at considerate price.

To order Eurax medication online, visit the Canadian online pharmacy official website and select your favorite package of Eurax medication. After you are convinced with your Eurax lotion package, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to purchase the medication. When paying for the medication, avoid clicking pop-ups on your screen as they contains coded links to redirect PC users to other websites.

After purchasing the Eurax lotion, fill in the shipping address form to enjoy a delivery of the bought package. Canadian health mall delivers the bought Eurax packages in less than 72 hours.

Eurax medication dosage and interactions

According to health experts, patients should use Eurax lotion according to the instructions manual and doctors instructions. To treat the itching effect on your skin, apply Eurax lotion to the affected parts until it is absorbed completely.

To treat scabies, take a shower and use a clean towel to dry your skin thoroughly. Apply a layer of Eurax lotion on your skin to your whole body. Leave the medication on your skin for more than 20 hours, and then apply the second dosage.

Prices of Eurax cream online

A bottle of Eurax cream with dosage strength of 60 g is trading at $474.43. A bottle of Eurax medication with 454 g dosage strength is trading at $1,969.


Eurax lotion is one of the top-performing anti-parasites in the health sector. When abused, Eurax lotion may lead to adverse side effects such as mild itching and irritation. Buy a bottle of Eurax cream in the online pharmacies and enjoy a free delivery at your current location.

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