Estrace (Estradio)

Strength(s): 1 mg ; 2 mg

Active Ingredient: Estradiol



Estrace goes by the generic name Estradiol, the female hormone produced in the ovaries in charge of regulating the female body functions. Estradiol is therefore a form of estrogen. It’s manufactured as a tablet and cream.

How Estrace Medication Works

The cream is applied topically to the vagina areas. It addresses symptoms of menopause such as vaginal itching, irritation, pain in urination, burning sensations and drying of the vagina.

Doctors also use Estrace Medication in the treatment of cancerous cells in both men and women. It’s also widely applied in preventing osteoporosis in post menopausal women. Women with inadequate natural estrogen or ovarian failure also benefit from Estrace prescriptions.

Where to Buy Estrace Medication

Women out there can conveniently order Estrace online thanks to a variety of online pharmacy outlets. These pharmacies provide cheap and high quality drugs which proves a bargain on over the counter purchases.

Online pharmacies pack Estrace medication in bulk and are also able to dispatch and ship to the buyer’s location in the least time possible. They also have round the clock customer care to assist you with your queries.

Dosage and Precautions

Always follow prescription directions to the letter when taking the drug. Do not adjust the dosage amounts on your own terms and see your doctor at least quarterly for progress check up.

Women are pleaded to open up to their doctors and provide accurate information relating to their medical history and condition. Observe these precautions before taking Estrace medication;

Do not use this medication if your are pregnant or breast feeding. It can find its way into the milk and even reduce milk production

Avoid Estrace if you have a blood clot in the lungs, lower body or any blood clotting disorder

Hormone dependent cancer that affects the ovary, thyroid, breasts and uterus prevents one from using Estrace

Keep off Estrace medication if you’re allergic to food dyes and medicines.

A case of stroke or a history of heart attacks renders women unfit for Estrace

Estrace can never be a preventive remedy for stroke, dementia and heart attacks as it increases risks of contracting such conditions.

Diabetes, lupus and obese women cannot use Estrace since they’re susceptible to coronary artery diseases.

Conditions such as abnormal calcium levels in blood, hysterectomy, fibroid tumors, asthma, liver and kidney disease, epilepsy and migraines also render women unfit for Estrace medication.

Side Effects of Estrace Medication

Emergency medical assistance maybe required if side effects such as allergies, breathing problems and the sweeting of the throat, lips, tongue and face manifest themselves.

Sharp pains in the chest and jaws combined with nausea and vomiting may indicate an impeding heart attack. Your body may experience high fluid retention identifiable through swelling and weight gain. Swells can also develop in the stomach while the skin and eyes turn yellow in severe cases.

However, the normal side effects of Estrace Medication include vaginal itching, irregular menstrual periods, headaches, thinning of scalp hair, breast pain, light vaginal bleeding, stomach cramps, vomiting, bloating and nausea.

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