Differin Gel (Adapalene)

Active Ingredient: Adapalene



Differin is a topical medicine also known with the generic name adapalene. The gel is applied on the surface of the skin similar to vitamin A to make skin renewed to treat acne vulgaris of the face, back or chest predominated by pustules, papules, and comedones.

The drug is available in Canadian pharmacies at cheap prices. It belongs to the retinoids class of medication that affect the growth of tissue cells on the affected skin and decrease swelling and inflammation of the infected body surface.

Buying Differin Gel

Differin Gel is accessible from the local drug stores in Canada or by making an order online from one of the many Canadian pharmacies available. Patients and many other buyers prefer buying it from the online stores in Canada because it is at cheap prices. It is also much convenient to buy the Differin Gel from the Canadian online drugstores as the order and purchases are at any time of the day.

How to use Differin Gel

The gel is administered by applying it to the affected skin and never through the mouth. Take care not to contact the eyes, open wounds, nose or lips.

The medicine is better applied in the evening on the well prepared and clean skin. The surface should be free from creams or lotions containing glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. Follow the instructions on the pack on the best ways to prepare the surface or consult the pharmacist or your doctor for a correct prescription.

Apply the gel as per the instructions only and take it as soon as remembered in case of a missed dose. The missed dose is taken at the next dose when the scheduled time is near, and the regular timetable resumed.

The cheaply priced medicine bought from Canada pharmacies may be overdosed to cause scaling, irritations or reddening skin. Call a doctor immediately in the event of such symptoms.

Precautions on using Differin Gel

The medicine has the tendency of making the skin easier for sunburn. Patients using it should avoid tanning beds and direct exposure to sunlight, and put on protective clothing and sunscreens when outdoors.

Do not use medication containing sulfur, salicylic or resorcinol with the gel, as well as skin products causing irritation such as shampoos, harsh soaps, hair coloring chemicals, surface cleaners, hair removers, lime, astringents, or alcoholic skin products. It is also important to tell your doctor about your medical history especially if suffering from eczema.

Side effects associated with Differin Gel

The side effects associated with the drug after application include skin pain, feeling of warmth and mild stinging or burning, peeling of the skin, dry, red or scaly skin.

Other unwanted side effects that may occur though less common are reddening of the skin, stinging and burning or peeling off of the skin usually after sun exposure. However, the user may experience allergic reactions like chest pains, hives, itching, swelling lips, tongue, face, or throat and difficulty in breathing. Please call your doctor immediately if such symptoms occur.

Buy the Differin Gel at very cheap prices sold online by pharmacies in Canada and use with a minimal prescription. Use the drug as instructed for better results and the safety of your health.

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