Depakote (Divalproex)

Strength(s): 250 mg ; 500 mg

Active Ingredient: Divalproex



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What is Depakote medication used for?

Depakote medication that is prescribed by a doctor is used in the treatment of various types of seizure disorders and in the treatment of some types of psychiatric conditions, such as manic periods that are associated with bipolar disorder from time to time. Depakote medication is also used in the treatment of preventing migraine headaches. This medications functions in providing the restoration of the balance of various natural substances, such as neurotransmitters within the brain of the patient.

How is the patient to use Depakote medication?

The patient should always take the necessary time to read the medication guide carefully before the patient commence taking the Depakote medication prescribed by the doctor. If the patient has any pertinent questions regarding this medication or the medical condition that the patient has, the person should consult with the doctor or pharmacist to get the important answers that are needed.

This medication is taken orally as per the instructions of the patient’s doctor. If the patient experiences the onset of an upset stomach, then it is fine for the patient to take the medication with some food.

Be sure to always swallow the table in its whole from. Never chew the tablet and never crush it, as chewing or crushing the tablet can cause occurrences of irritation to the throat or mouth region.

What factors into the dosage that is prescribed to the patient by the doctor?

Note that the dosage that is prescribed to the patient is done so on the basis of the age of the patient, the weight of the patient, the existing medical conditions of the patient, how the patient responds to treatment and other types of medications that the patient is taking.

Is it needful for the patient to tell the doctor or pharmacist about what the patient is consuming?

The patient should always inform the doctor or pharmacist about all products that are consumed, such as herbal products, prescription medications and non-prescription medications.

How does the patient get the maximum benefits from this medication?

Depakote medication should always be used regularly as the doctor recommends in order to ensure that the patient gets the maximum benefits from the medication at all times. Note that this medication is to be taken at the same time of day every time in order to maintain the amount of the medication in your system at a good, balanced level.

Consider this special note if you are taking this medication for seizures.

If you happen to be taking Depakote medication for the treatment of your seizures, never stop taking your medication without speaking to your doctor first. If you did suddenly stop taking the medication, the truth is that your seizures could become terribly worse. Your doctor can decrease your dose of medication over time if need be, but this medication is never stopped abruptly.

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