Claritin (Loratadine)

Strength(s): 10 mg

Active Ingredient: Loratadine



Claritin also known as Loratadine belong to second-generation antihistamine medication called histamine receptor antagonist. It works by blocking histamine chemicals responsible for allergic reactions in the body. Claritin medication is given to patients experiencing symptoms of seasoned allergies such as itchy running nose and sneezing and tearing and redness of eyes. It also relives allergic skin conditions, skin disorders, and chronic hives.

Availability of Claritin medicine

Claritin drug is available in different forms under different brand names in Canadian pharmacies at very cheap prices. Most common types include the 10 mg regular oval shaped white tablets, the rapid dissolved 10 mg round shaped white tablets and the liquid 10 mg oval transparent or blue gelatin capsules.

The drug is also available as a fruit flavored, or grape-flavored Claritin syrup for children.

Patients and other buyers can buy the Claritin medicine at cheap prices from the Canadian stores located in the locals. Buyers can buy it at much cheaper prices online from the many Canadian online pharmacies more conveniently from the comfort of their seating rooms at any time of the day.

Dosage of Claritin medicine

The 10 mg of Claritin drug is taken once in a day by adults and children of above 12 years old. Take the regular tablets with or without food or the rapid-dissolving tablets on an empty stomach.

The capsule medicine is recommendable for children above two years of age and adults who cannot swallow the regular tablets. Specific dosage is provided to the patients according to the instructions from a pharmacist or as indicated on the labels.

Adults can use the drug for up to six months while children should not exceed 14 days unless instructed by a medical doctor.

The dose is a factor of the patient’s body weight and other health conditions and other medication. Please consult your physician if using any other drugs.

In the event of a missed dose, take the drug immediately remembered or skip to the next scheduled time if it’s near. Overdose may cause severe health issues therefore not recommended.


The drug is readily accessible from Canada at cheap prices but requires careful use. Patients allergic to the ingredients of the Claritin medicine should avoid it. The drug may pose dangerous effects to people with liver or kidney disease.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women must seek advice from medical professionals before using Claritin medicine.

Side effects

The drug bought cheaply from Canada has allergic reactions such as difficulty in breathing, hives, swelling of the face, lips tongue or the throat.

Other side effects include a severe headache, fast or uneven heartbeat or a feeling of light-headedness like you are collapsing. Call your doctor immediately in case of such symptoms.

The common side effects of the Claritin drug are feeling of tiredness or drowsy, headache, dry mouth, stomach pain or nausea feeling nervous or vomiting.

Buy the drug from Canada at any time from the online pharmacies. It is a very active drug to the prescribed infections and used with minimal supervision. Patients, however, must get instructions from their medical doctors to find their precise dosage. Contact a physician immediately for assistance in case of side effects occurrence.

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