Strength(s): 250 mg

Analogs of Chloroquine: Plaquenil



Chloroquine is a medical drug that works by interrupting the growth and development of parasitic living organisms in human red blood cells. It is cheaply available in Canadian stores to treat and prevent malaria disease caused by mosquito bites. It can also treat amoebae caused infections and is common in Africa, Southern Asia and South America where the disease is popularly deadly.

The Bayer pharmaceutical laboratories discovered the medicine in 1934, but it was regarded toxic to human life until 1947 when its clinical trials proved stable and useful to treat prophylactic malaria.

Where to buy Chloroquine

Make an order to buy the Chloroquine medicine online from Canada. Chloroquine drugs are readily available from the local pharmacies in Canada, but it is bought more conveniently at cheap prices from the various Canadian pharmacies online. Patients and other buyers place their order on the online stores and complete the requirements for the purchase for the delivery of the medicine within agreed time. Please, check the authenticity of the online pharmacy before making a purchase, to avoid buying counterfeit.

Using Chloroquine medicine

Make an order to buy the Chloroquine medicine online from Canadian stores at a cheap price and use it as per the prescribed instructions. The malarial drug is taken by mouth with food because it readily upsets an empty stomach.

Dosage in children is determined by weight while in adults the dosage frequency, the amount of the drug and length of medication is a factor of medical condition whether taken for precautionary reasons or treatment response.

Travelers making trips in malaria prone zones should take Chloroquine once in a week, one to two weeks before traveling, while in the area and four to eight weeks after moving out, or as directed by the pharmacist. For treatment purpose, the patient should use the medicine following strict instructions from their doctor or as on the label.

Do not take an overdose. Take skipped dose immediately realized or at the next dose when it’s near.

Precautions on using Chloroquine medicine

Chloroquine bought cheaply from pharmacies in Canada is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or women planning to have a pregnancy soon. Patient with allergies to pharmaceutical substances or under dietary supplements, herbal medication or drugs require medical consultation from a physician.

Patients with health conditions such as liver disorders, intestinal problems, psoriasis, issues with the central nervous system, history of seizure or any disease of the bloodstream need the recommendation to use the drug from medical persons only.

Side effects of Chloroquine medicine

Some of the commonly experienced side effects with the cheaply sold Chloroquine medicine from pharmacies in Canada include a headache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomach upset and stomach pains, hair loss, skin rash or itch and mood or mental changes.

In severe conditions, the drug may cause blurred vision, ringing ears or difficulty hearing, difficulty breathing, seeing light flashes, vomiting, convulsion, irregular heartbeat, drowsiness and weakening muscles. Please see your doctor immediately the severe side effects are experienced.

Chloroquine is a very effective drug for the prevention and treatment of malaria. Canadian pharmacies provide it online at a very cheap price where anyone can buy by placing an order. Strict measures, however, demand keen observation.

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