Chloromycetin (Chloramphenicol)

Strength(s): 250 mg ; 500 mg

Active Ingredient: Chloramphenicol



Chloromycetin is a drug used in Canada to treat various serious bacterial infections in different parts of the human body. The medicine comes in the form of powder for solution, capsule, and suspension sometimes administered together with other antibiotics. Chloromycetin has multiple generic names including chloramphenicol which is sodium succinate used to treat plague, meningitis, cholera, and typhoid in place of failed application of other antibiotics. The use of the drug in the treatment of cheap infections such as flu, colds, sore throat, and virus infections is out of recommendation

Where to buy the drug

The medicine is a prescribed drug and bought over the counter in local stores in Canada. Purchased from Canada from the several Canadian pharmacies offering services online at a relatively cheaper price is easier. Canadian online pharmacies have the advantage of exempted from taxes that the local stores pay thereby providing the drug to retailers at a cheap price. Online shopping from the stores in Canada is accessible all around the clock 24/7 making them convenient for many shoppers.

Caution before using Chloromycetin

Precautions are taken before using Chloromycetin drug in a medication dose. The drug has numerous complications and allergies and needs proper use through medical advice from the pharmacy or a doctor.

Patients with a history of food allergies, preservatives, dyes or animal allergies should seek medical advice before use. Indications of explosive allergies on any drug is indicated on their labels or depicted from the ingredients.

Expectant and lactating mothers should not take the oral drug of Chloromycetin as it quickly passed on to the babies who do not remove it smoothly like grownups. The drug may cause severe side effects to the young human being whose diagnosis may be difficult to realize.

Interaction with other medicine

However cheap the Chloromycetin may be from the Canadian pharmacies, its use must be as indicated or as instructed by a physician. Chloromycetin drugs are used alone, or with other drugs, however, the administering must be according to the instructions from the pharmacy or a medical doctor.

Patients should seek instructions from their physicians if using alcohol or tobacco as their interaction with Chloromycetin may cause health issues.

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