Strength(s): 250 mg ; 500 mg



Chloramphenicol is a strong antibiotic that is used in treating serious bacterial infections. It works by destroying or slowing down the rate of growth of sensitive bacteria.

Warning and Precautions

You are not to use this medication if:

• You have any allergies to the ingredients used in Chloramphenicol.

• You have a low count of white or red blood cells or decreased platelets.

• You have developed serious side effects from the use of chloramphenicol.

• You are using medication that may result in a decline in your bone marrow.

• You have a minor infection or are trying to prevent a bacterial infection.

Before Using Chloramphenicol

There are medical conditions that may cause an interaction with Chloramphenicol. Therefore, consult well with your doctor especially in these cases:

• Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers.

• If you are planning on getting pregnant.

• If you have liver disease, anemia, kidney problems or bone marrow problems.

• If you are taking any other medication, including herbal medicines and dietary supplements.

• If you have any allergies toward foods, medicines, and other substances.

Also, there are other medicines that may interact with Chloramphenicol. These include:

• Hydantoins such as phenytoin and sulfonylureas such as glyburide. There may be an increase in the action and side effects of these medicines.

• Anticoagulants such as warfarin. There may be an increase in the side effects, including the risk of bleeding.

• Medications that decrease bone marrow. There may be an increase in serious side effects including low white blood cell counts and low platelet levels.

For more information on more possible interactions, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Also, do not start, stop or change your dose without prior instructions from your doctor.

How to Use Chloramphenicol

Chloramphenicol should only be used as prescribed by the doctor. Also, before taking it, read the information on the packaging for exact dosing instructions.

Chloramphenicol is administered as an injection, usually at the doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. If you are taking the injections at home, be sure to use the injection procedures taught by your doctor.

If the chloramphenicol you are taking contains particles, is in a damaged vial or is discolored, do not use it.

Make sure to use chloramphenicol to the end of the treatment period even you feel better. This will ensure that the infection is cleared up completely.

In the case of a missed dose, take it as soon as you remember. Continue with your dose at evenly spaced times as per the doctor’s directions. Also, do not take more than one dose at a time.

Side Effects of Chloramphenicol

Some of the common side effects include nausea, mild diarrhea, and vomiting. If these symptoms persist or worsen, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

More serious but rare side effects include severe allergic reactions, depression, confusion, dark urine, unusual bleeding or bruising, vision changes, delirium, headache, fever and swelling at the injection site. If you experience any of these side effects, contact your doctor immediately.


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