Strength(s): 250 mg ; 500 mg



Cefadroxil medication is used in treating a wide range of bacterial infections such as skin, strep throat and urinary tract infections. Cefadroxil is a cephalosporin-type antibiotic. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

This medication only treats bacterial infections and thus is not effective in treating viral infections such as the flu. Overuse or unnecessary use of antibiotics may lead to decreased effectiveness.

Cefadroxil may also be used before dental procedures by patients with artificial heart valves. This medication prevents serious infection of the heart lining (bacterial endocarditis).

How to use Cefadroxil

This medication is administered orally and should be taken once or twice a day, or as prescribed by your doctor. If taking Cefadroxil causes stomach upset, take the medication with food.

For antibiotics to be fully effective, keep the amount of the medicine in your body at a constant level. It is therefore important to take cefadroxil at evenly spaced intervals. Also, be sure to complete the full dose prescribed to you, even if the symptoms are all gone. Stopping this medication at an early stage may result in continued growth of bacteria. This may lead to a relapse of the infection.

If the symptoms persist or worsen, inform your doctor immediately.


Before taking this medication, make sure you inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it. Also, if you are allergic to other cephalosporins or penicillins, inform your doctor or pharmacist. This medication may contain inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. For more details, talk to your pharmacist.

Before taking this medication, inform your doctor on any medical history that involves kidney disease or intestinal disease (colitis).

As kidneys grows older, their function declines. As this medication is removed by the kidneys, elderly people may have more sensitivity to the drug.

For pregnant women, this medication should only be taken when clearly needed. Also, this medication passes into breast milk. Although there are no reports of harm on nursing infants, seek medical guidance from your doctor before breastfeeding.

Side Effects

When taking this medication, these side effects may occur: nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea. If these effects persist or worsen, seek medical assistance from your doctor or pharmacist.

When taking this medication, there may be serious but highly unlikely side effects. These include persistent nausea/vomiting, stomach/abdominal pain, new signs of infection (e.g. a persistent sore throat or fever), yellowing eyes or skins, signs of kidney problems (e.g. change in the amount of urine), easy bruising/bleeding and mental/mood changes (e.g. confusion). In case of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Prolonged or repeated use of this medication could result in a new vaginal yeast infection or oral thrush. If you notice new symptoms such as a change in vaginal discharge or white patches in your mouth, contact your doctor.


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