Strength(s): 150 mg



Bupropion is a top ranked antidepressant drug which works to treat seasonal effective disorder and major depressive disorders. In the health sector, bupropion is also widely used in the reduction of addiction cravings and drugs withdrawal effects. According to health experts, bupropion antidepressant should not be prescribed to patients with eating disorders and seizures.

Nowadays, bupropion medication is sold in the online pharmacies at a cheap and a reasonable price. Canadian health mall is one of the top-notch online pharmacies that has been selling and making a delivery of the bupropion medication at a global level. Canadian online pharmacy offers patients with online help and an instruction manual which helps the patients in the drug prescription.

Before the introduction of the online pharmacies and the online banking services, patients used to travel long distances to access quality bupropion medication. Online platforms have played an integral role towards the delivery and the access of quality drugs. Before making an order or bupropion online, it is advisable to check the legitimacy of the site to avoid the purchase of fake drugs.

Due to an increased number of clients who have been ordering bupropion online, Canadian health store and eBay has made relevant changes in their platforms, where clients can now start an online chat with the customer care group for advisory services. In addition, the Canadian mall and health store has introduced a policy where clients are currently getting a discount and free bonuses after making an order of more than three packets of bupropion medication.

Guides on how to order bupropion online

Bupropion is a cheap and a top-performing antidepressant medication which is readily available in the Canadian mall online pharmacy. To order bupropion drug online, visit the eBay or the Canadian mall and select the prescribed package of the bupropion drug. This medication is available online in different packages that comprises of different number of pills.

After selecting your best bupropion package, add the package to cart. The most commonly used means of payment include Skrill, Visa, Payoneer, and PayPal.

The delivery process takes a few days before it is completed. When making a purchase of the bupropion drug online, consider counter-checking your shipping address for easy and efficient delivery. Recently, online pharmacies implemented a policy where the second delivery of the bupropion package will be taking place if the first one fails. Canadian mall observes high levels of professionalism when dealing with clients, a key factor that has contributed to the company’s success.

Bupropion dosage instructions

The initial recommended dosage of bupropion medication is 100 mg which should be taken orally. Depending on doctor’s instructions, the dosage may be increased up to 450 mg per day.

Side effects and pricing

When misused, bupropion leads to adverse effects which include muscle pain, weight loss, vision changes, and dizziness.


Bupropion is a top-performing medication which should be taken according to doctors instructions. Bupropion drug should not be taken together with alcohol as it leads to seizures.

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