Bentyl (Dicyclomine)

Strength(s): 10 mg ; 20 mg

Active Ingredient: Dicyclomine



The gut has many disorders, but the most common of them all is the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is characterized by symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramping or bloating/gas. In some people, these symptoms can be severe and mild in others. It is also important to note that these symptoms can indicate other illnesses. However, irritable bowel syndrome is most of the times chronic and therefore if you suffer any of the above or a combination of two or more syndromes, then you definitely have IBS. But the good thing is that now, there is hope. You can order Bentyl 20 mg online from the Canadian pharmacy and alleviate the discomforts. So what is Bentyl 20 mg, who should use it and in what dosage? That is what we will try to decipher in this review.

Bentyl 20 mg is prescribed, or recommended for people suffering irritable bowel syndrome. It has been approved by the FDA and therefore you can buy it without fear. It is available in tablets that can be administered orally as well as in Bentyl 20 mg injection. However, in this short review, we are only going to look at the Bentyl 20 mg tablet. They are blue in color and round shaped. They are imprinted with the name Bentyl 20 on top, so they should be very easy for patients to identify.

Bentyl 20 mg dosage

When you order Bentyl 20 mg online at a cheap price from Canadian pharmacy, you will get it a cheap price. Bentyl is not a controlled substance, so you can buy without fear.

Here is the dosage for adults:

• You will start with a dosage of 20 mg taken 4 times a day. That means in a day you will take 80 mg.

• Barring side effects, this dosage will be increased to 40 mg taken 4 times a day.

Desired results should be achieved by two weeks and if not, or should side effects dictate that one only takes a dosage below 80 mg daily, then the use of Bentyl 20 mg should be discontinued because there is no data for safety for doses of more than 80 mg administered for longer than two weeks. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember but if the next one is close, take it instead. Do not take two dosages just because you missed one.

Bentyl 20 mg side effects

Some of the side effects are very common and they are usually gone in less than 24 hours. They include:

• Dry mouth,

• Constipation (mild)

• Drowsiness

• Blurred vision

• Blocked nose

Side effects that you should worry about include

• Belly pains

• Serious constipation

• Problematic urination

• Hot, dry skin and too much sweating with incessant feeling of heat and thirst

• Fast beating heart, hallucinations, state of confusion and unfamiliar thoughts

• Serious diarrhea

If you have hypertension, difficulty in urination, glaucoma, enlarged prostate or heart failure, you should not take Bentyl 20 mg without your doctor’s advice. If you are pregnant, you can still order Bentyl 20 mg online and save money.

Do not drive if it makes you feel dizzy or experience hallucinations.


IBS can be very uncomfortable for you and that is why you need a remedy that works. With inactive ingredients such as corn starch, lactose, calcium sulfate, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and others, Bentyl 20 mg is very effective. You can order your Bentyl 20 mg at a cheap price.

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