Benfotiamine (Benzenecarbothioic Acid)

Active Ingredient: Benzenecarbothioic Acid



Benfotiamine medication is a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 that is often overlooked but can be used to prevent development and slow down the progression of diabetes complications. These complications could include stroke, blindness, endothelial dysfunction and amputation of limbs. Benfotiamine drug has also been used in the past to relieve conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Dysmenorrhea, Hepatitis and Alzheimer’s. Patients with lactic acid build-up, blood pressure complications, sciatica or fibromyalgia have benefited from the use of this drug.

During diabetes treatment, most solutions often focus on reducing and controlling blood sugar levels. Diabetes medication and sustenance of high blood sugar levels for long has the capability to trigger adverse complications. Individuals undergoing diabetes treatment can order Benfotiamine online and reduce the progression of retinal damage, diabetic nerve, and kidney. Benfotiamine is also used to relieve painful symptoms resulting from diabetic neuropathy.

Benfotiamine mode of action

Benfotiamine medication acts through a novel mechanism. It blocks the biochemical pathways through which high blood sugar damages body cells. Thiamine is a natural chemical produced in the body bu also available to the body via dietary means. Benfotiamine is a cheap supplement that can be in almost any local pharmacy.

Most diabetes treatments focus on reducing blood sugar either by increasing insulin production/ injection, reducing hepatic glucose or increase sugar uptake in the cells. Persons can order Benfotiamine online to alter the way the body reacts to the biochemical response to the toxic breakdown products (AGEs) of excess sugar. It also stimulates the production of transketolase enzyme. It is an essential protein that is naturally secreted by the body and helps to turn, by reducing elevated levels of intracellular glucose, Benfotiamine helps one reduce adverse symptoms associated with diabetes.

Complications treated using Benfotiamine

Diabetic neuropathy impairs the normal functioning of microvasculature (tiny blood vessels) in the extremities of limbs, especially feet. It also reduces the efficiency of sensory nerves to carry a nerve signal to the brain. Such factors often result in a pathological blood vessel damage which causes symptoms like the tingling of feet. Persons suffering from complications resulting from elevated blood sugar levels can order Benfotiamine online and prevent adverse situations such as amputation of feet.

Benfotiamine enhances the conversion of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) to safer products. AGEs Have been associated with the deterioration of conditions leading to complications such as:

• Peripheral vascular disease (Affects blood vessels of the feet)

• Nephropathy (kidney disease)

• Most Cardiovascular diseases

• Retinopathy (affecting vision)

AGEs are more common in adults than young people. Benfotiamine helps diabetic individuals live a life free of these harmful effects which lead to poor disease outcomes in later life. AGEs are also related to many diseases that often come along with old age.

In conclusion, Benfotiamine helps the body free itself from the oxidation stress brought by diabetes. Brain cells are often at risk of impaired cognitive development, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, and Dementia. It works by shielding brain cells from the damage associated with continued exposure to elevated blood glucose levels. Consequently, the vitamin supplement is an essential medication to combine alongside other Diabetes treatments.

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