Avapro (Irbesartan)

Strength(s): 150 mg ; 300 mg

Active Ingredient: Irbesartan



Avapro is a drug that you can buy from several Online Pharmacies in Canada. It is also known as irbersartan and belongs to a group of medicines called angiotensin-II receptor antagonist. Angiotensin-II substance is a product in the body responsible to tightening of blood vessels. Avapro fights angiotensin to keep blood vessels from narrowing (relaxed), lowering blood pressure and enhance smooth flow of blood. The prescribed drug checks the rate of progression of type diabetes to minimize the damage to the kidney.

Where to buy Avapro

The anti-blood pressure drug can be bought readily from a nearby drug store in Canada. For convenience reasons, many people prefer to purchase the tablets online offered by multiple online drug pharmacies. Avapro requires doctor’s prescription before use.

To buy Avapro online, you need to visit any online pharmacy available online to order for the drug, accept the medicine’s purchasing terms and conditions and follow, usually, simple procedures of payment at the comfort of your couch. Online stores offer Avapro at a cheap price since the shops do not pay taxes to their governments. In Canada Avapro bought online is delivered freely to the buyer.

Taking Avapro

You should not be allergic to irbersartan substances before using the Avapro drug. The user should not be on any other diabetes or kidney drugs containing aliskirens such as Tektuma, Amturnide, Valtuma, and Tekamlo.

How take Avapro

The administration of Avapro drug is regularly per the doctor’s or a pharmacist’s instruction, usually swallowed with water. Patients usually start the dose with 150-milligram tablet one in a day although some users require starting with a lower dose. The daily dose may need to increase depending on the level of body response to the drug and the effect of the blood pressure but to a maximum of 300 milligrams each day for patients with high blood pressure.

The guidelines may differ from information contained in the drug’s leaflet but carefully considered according to doctor’s instructions

Taking Avapro before or after food does not matter. However, the time to administer should be observed and kept consistent for better effects.

Missed Dose of Avapro medication

No double dose in case of a previously missed dose. The missed dose of Avapro is skipped and taken at next time of the next dose. The administration is as soon as the realization of the missed dose. It remembered.

Patients who are not sure about what to do about a missed dose should consult their doctors for instructions.

Side effects of Avapro

The Avapro drug is associated with various side effects whether bought in online from Canada or over the counter from a local pharmacy. The side effects are not severe and may include a headache, dizziness, body weakness or fatigue and nausea or vomiting.

Severe effects may result to muscle aches, muscle pain, ringing or buzzing noise in the ears, symptoms of jaundice, passing little urine, breathlessness, loss of appetite, and general weakness. Other disorders include symptoms of high potassium levels in the blood such as diarrhea and change of heartbeat


The Avapro drug should not be taken by pregnant and nursing mother. As a recommendation, patients should see their doctors for consultation before using the drugs; especially they are under other medicines.

Avapro is an active drug to kidney diseases. It is cheap to access online from Canada pharmacies. Its dosage is easy to manage; however, it’s advisable to administer under doctor’s prescription

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