Active Ingredient: Ethinyloestradiol, Levonorgestrel



Alesse medication is used to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. Its main Active Ingredients are ethinyloestradiol and levonorgestrel.

Other brand names that refer to Alesse medicine include Microgynon, Aviane-28, Enpresse, Tripha, Ovral-l, Seasonale, Nordette and Trinordiol. These drugs are cheap and can be available at nearly any local pharmacy.

Alesse 0.18mg mode of action

Alesse drugs are contraceptive tablets used to delay ovulation. Birth control drugs containing ethinyloestradiol and levonorgestrel work by altering the cervical mucus formation, preventing ovulation and changing the lining of the uterus.

These changes hamper the movement of male gametes across the uterus for fertilization. The sperms cannot attach to the uterus too due to the eroded uterine lining.

Dosage and directions of use

Although anyone can access Alesse drugs, it is strongly advised to follow a doctor’s advice while using any medicine. Interested individuals can buy Alesse 0.18mg online at a relatively cheap price. Alesse drug use should stop in instances of accident or post-surgery.

One should take Alesse 0.18mg on the first day of the menses or the first Sunday after your period has started. For first time starters, additional birth control measures like spermicides or condoms may be of a lot of help. The 28 day Alesse contraceptive pack contains 7 “reminder pills.” These pills help one stay on track and the regular cycle. Menses starts when one is using these pills.

Bleeding can occur. If heavy bleeding occurs for three months, one should visit a doctor for recheck and diagnosis. One should take a pill each day and resume to a new pack once the first one is over.

Precautions to take

For first timers, additional birth control methods like condoms might be of help. Smokers and persons above 35 years of age should not use this drug. Alesse drugs have the potential of causing blood to clot. Following this, users are usually at an increased risk of getting blood pressure, varicose veins, congestive heart failure, dangerous cholesterol levels, and angina.

Individuals who buy Alesse 0.18mg online should seek for doctors advise on appropriate dosage and instructions for use. Persons who have suffered diabetes, epilepsy, TB, uterine fibroids or numbs should provide this information to the doctor before prescription. Remember a doctor will always weigh the gain and risk before giving any prescription.

Known side effects

Just like other drugs, some adverse effects can result from the use of Alesse 0.18mg. Alesse can cause weakness, vaginal bleeding, pain in the eyes, slurry speech, headache, depression, massive chest, nausea, sweating, loss of appetite and swelling.

If one misses taking a pill, one should take two in a row the next time you remember to take the drug. If it’s two days in a week, the next two days’ dosage should accompany two extra pills. Do not forget to use additional birth control measures to monitor pregnancy in the event of a missed dose.

In the case of an overdose, one should call for emergency help immediately. Alesse 0.18mg has the capability of causing poison like symptoms on the user.

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