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Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly is an American pharmaceutical company which has been established in 1876. This is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world which took 14 position on sales results in 2014.

Eli Lilly company invests into research and development activity and develops different fields of the public health service within its entire life. Eli Lilly develops not only internal scientific manpower regularly concluding contracts with leading pharmacists and scientist in the world but also invest into research projects of national standing.

Due to the developed scientific activity Eli Lilly company has many discoveries in the field of pharmaceutics.

Eli Lilly is the first company which started massive production of penicillin. It happened during World War Two when the demand for antibiotics was high. At the same time, company developed other pharmaceutical products: antimalarials drugs, blood plasma, encephalitis vaccine, typhus and influenza vaccine.

One of the most important discoveries of Eli Lilly is considered a development of insulin which was for sale under the trade mark Iletin. The company also produced ephedrine and liver extracts.

The recent discoveries of the company include a wide range of cephalosporins, erythromycin, one of the strongest antidepressants – Prozac, Cialis – the main competitor of Viagra, Cymbalta, Gemzar, and Secobardital. The research and development of these drugs needed maximal investments of the company. But nowadays these are ones of the most demanded drugs in the word.

The pharmaceutical product portfolio of Eli Lilly company includes such drugs as Alimta, Amytal, Darvocet, Effient, Humalog, Humatrope, Keflex, Moxam, Mandol, Strattera, Symbyax, Tradjenta, Zyprexa, Forteo, Glucagon, Evista, and others.

Nowadays, Eli Lilly company is an exclusive owner of rights to the development and sale of bovine somatotrophin.

Eli Lilly company has been involved into many discussions in the field of the health care service and policy within its entire carrier, and it had to reply claims of the different governmental and nongovernmental establishments. In spite of this, the company is still one of the drug sales leaders in the USA and Europe.

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