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Codeine Vs Tramadol


Some of the medications have mind-altering properties a scenario that leads to their abuse. Some of the most abused drugs include over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions drugs, where patient’s takes in overdose amounts and taking the drugs other than the sole reason prescribed for by the doctor. Codeine and Tramadol are the mostly used pain relievers in the health industry where they are considered as most effective.

Codeine Vs Tramadol dosage

Codeine is a drug that is used to relieve severe chronic pain. Before taking Codeine drug, it is advisable to follow the doctor’s advice.

Codeine dosage prescriptions

According to a medical practitioner, a patient is supposed to take 25mg of Codeine every morning. A patient can increase the dosage in a ratio of 100 mg per day. The initial dose is expected to be 100 mg on a daily basis and should be titrated up to 100 mg increments in every five days.

Regarding maximum dosage, the maximum tablets taken by a patient should be 300 mg on a daily basis.

Tramadol dosage prescriptions

Tramadol is available in different forms in the market. Tramadol can be in the form of oral disintegrated tablet, tablets, and capsules. Safe Tramadol intake depends on the patients’ needs and medical history. A low dosage of Tramadol is advocated for particularly in the initial dosage and after surgery operations.

According to medical practitioners, patients should consider taking 50 mg and 100 mg in 24 hours. The initial dose advocated is 25 mg per day to the patients taking an oral dose and a maximum dose of 300 mg orally on a daily basis.

For patients taking the Tramadol next dosage, the calculation of the immediate release requirement per day is done to get the actual dose intake.

Codeine Vs Tramadol side effects

Codeine is a pain relief drug which is used to treat diarrhea and cough. Codeine works to moderate the degree of pain. Before taking in Codeine drug, it is advisable to consult the doctor for prescription purposes. When abused, Codeine leads to adverse effects such as nausea, itching, constipation, and vomiting.

All opiates tend to have the same adverse effects when abused. Adverse and longer term effects vary with the usage. The most adverse effects evidenced after Codeine abuse include memory loss, diminished libido, and apathy. On the other hand, Tramadol tends to have negative consequences when abused. In many instances, it is not advisable to take in the drug if one once suffered an addiction effect.

Tramadol drug is not prescribed for children. Tramadol is characterized by side effects such as sweating, itching, and constipation. Other common side effects include dizziness, regular headaches, and drowsiness.

If you experienced side effects such as convulsions, infertility and missed menstruation periods and impotence, consider consulting a medical practitioner for further checkup.


In conclusion, Codeine and Tramadol are the most efficient and widely used pain relievers in the health industry. Codeine and Tramadol should not be taken by patients with more than 65 years. Before taking in Codeine and Tramadol drugs, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner for prescription purposes.

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